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Abia State: History, Population, Size, LGAs & Other Facts

Abia state is located in the South Eastern Geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The state came into being in 1991 after it was carved out of Imo State. The capital of the state is Umahia; however, the biggest commercial city is Aba.

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The Igbo people make up 95% of the entire population of the state, making them the major ethnic group. Most of the remaining 5% are non-indigenous settlers.

The official language in the state is the English Language, as it is with every other Nigerian states. As expected, Igbo is the native language in the state. The Igbo language is widely spoken in, homes, streets, market places, and other non-official locations. The Nigerian Pidgin English is also widely spoken across the state.

Landmass (size of Abia state)

Abia State covers a landmass of about 6,320 square kilometers, making it one of the smallest states in Nigeria (32nd out of 36 states).

Abia is bounded on the north and northeast by Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi states; to the west by Imo State; to the east, you’ll find Cross River State; to the southeast, Akwa Ibom State; and to the south is Rivers State.


map of nigeria showing abia state
map of Nigeria showing Abia state

The population of Abia State

The population of Abia State is highly debated. According to the official website of the state, Abia state has an estimated population of around 10,000,000 (10 million).

However, the National Bureau of Statistics — based on the 1991 census figure of 1.19 million — projects a population of 3.51 million. And in 2006 the National Population Commission announced 2,833,999 as the population of the state. Owing to the above discrepancies, the official population is being contested at the population tribunal.

Local Government Areas

Abia state contains a total of 17 local government areas. They are:

  1. Aba North
  2. Aba South
  3. Arochukwu
  4. Bende
  5. Ikwuano
  6. Isiala Ngwa North
  7. Isiala Ngwa South
  8. Isuikwuato
  9. Obi Ngwa
  10. Ohafia
  11. Osisioma Ngwa
  12. Ugwunagbo
  13. Ukwa East
  14. Ukwa West
  15. Umuahia North
  16. Umuahia South
  17. Umu Nneochi

Interesting Facts

  • It is the 5th smallest state in Nigeria in terms of landmass
  • As of 2017, the state had a total GDP of $18.69 billion and GDP per capita of $3,003.
  • The state was carved out of Imo on the 27th of August 1991.
  • Abia is one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria.
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