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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Abuja residents flee for fear of coro after a man slumped at a shop (video)

A Nigerian lady, Odette Okwukwe, took to Facebook to narrate how some Abuja residents refused to come to the aid of a man who slumped at a shop. 

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Despite not keenly observing social distancing, many of them refused to go close to the victim. It is safe to assume they were all afraid of the pandemic.

However, coronavirus is just one out of the tons of illnesses that could make a person slump.

Fortunately, the eyewitness who recounted the story revealed that she and her husband later helped the victim as no one else was willing to.

“So I went to the market with Nwoke Anambala to pick up a few things for the ongoing work on site and this happened!” Odette Okwukwe wrote.

“The man slumped and lost consciousness, nobody refused to come close to him because of Coro, even the owner of the shop ran outside.

“COVID-19 will cause more problems in the long run than it actually should because of the fear factor. Kai!.”

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