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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Adewale Adeleke says his blessings tripled since he married Kani

Davido’s Elder brother, Adewale Adeleke, is clearly enjoying his early days as a married man. He took to Instagram to gush over the success he has enjoyed since he married his “best friend” Adekani. According to him, his blessings have tripled ever since.

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The Chairman of HNK started by quoting Proverbs 18:22 from the bible; a verse that says whoever finds a wife finds a good thing.

The couple has been travelling around the world and enjoying a good time. Credit: ChairmanHNK

According to him, he never fully understood the verse until the blessings in his life tripled after he married Kani.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing & obtains favor from the lord! Proverbs 18:22. The first time I saw this verse I must have been in high school & I never fully understood it until now,” Adewale Adeleke said.

“Since @kani41 has become my wife my blessings have tripled! I thank God for you every day! The honeymoon might be over but now we have the rest of our lives to build together. Love you forever,” he added.

Credit: ChairmanHNK Instagram

Recall that the duo tied the knot just a few weeks back. And remember that we shared pictures of their lavish honeymoon.

Both of them have been travelling around the world and enjoying every bit of their new lives as a married couple.

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