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Saturday, May 8, 2021
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“Africa, not a testing lab” – Didier Drogba & Samuel Eto’o slam French Doctors who said new Covid-19 drug be tested in Africa

Former Chelsea players, Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto’o have joined other Africans in slamming two French Doctors who asked for the new Coronavirus drug to be tested in Africa. 

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Jean Paul Mira and Camille Locht speaking on a live TV interview, claimed that Africa is the adequate place to execute test drug.

They recalled how a practical treatment for AIDS was carried out in Africa.

Africans have reacted to the viral video on social media, condemning the opinions of the duo.

Reacting to the video, Didier Drogba noted that Africa is not a testing lab.

The Ivorian football legend also called on African leaders to safeguard their people from despicable schemes. 

He wrote, ” It is totally inconceivable we keep on cautioning this. Africa isn’t a testing lab.

“I would like to vividly denounce those demeaning, false and most of all deeply racists words, ” he said.

“Help us save Africa with the current ongoing Covid-19 and flatten the curve, ” he added.

Also, Cameronian football legend, Samuel Eto’o, wrote, “Son of P … You’re just SHIT,  Africa isn’t your playground.

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