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Aliko Dangote’s Wife & Divorced Wives

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Aliko Dangote isn’t a person who needs introduction. Virtually everyone in Nigeria knows him. However, very few people know about Aliko Dangote’s wife and ex-wifes.

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In fact, many people have have absolutely no idea if he’s currently married or not.

We’ve done some research into his relationship status and will be sharing with you everything we discovered.

First of all, I want to point out that Aliko Dangote has been married and divorced 2 times. Our sources have only been able to confirm two of his marriages. Therefore we’ll stick to that number

Meanwhile, a lot of people are interested in knowing if he’s currently married or not.

Aliko Dangote’s current wife

The Nigerian business man, Aliko Dangote, has remained single since his last divorce. At least, if we’re to go by his last interview with Financial times.

When asked if he we’ll be taking a new wife anytime soon, he replied: “I’m not getting younger. Sixty years is no joke. But it doesn’t make sense to go out and get somebody if you don’t have the time. Right now, things are really, really very busy, because we have the refinery, we have the petrochemicals, we have the fertiliser, we have the gas pipeline.”

Africa’s richest man appears to be in love with his business, which explains why he has continued to experience growth.

However, we do hope the business mogul is able resolve his relationship issues soon.

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As he rightly said, he’s over 60 years and clearly needs a stable woman in his life.

History of Aliko Dangote’s marriages and divorces

In 1977, the African billionaire got married to his first wife, Zainab, when he was just 20 years old.

Hajiya Zainab: First wife of Alhaji Dangote

Photo: First wife of Aliko Dangote.

According to reports, the marriage was arranged by his parents. However, the union yielded two beautiful daughters: Mariya and Halima.

The exact year in which Zainab and Aliko Dangote got divorced cannot be confirmed for now.

Based rumors in 2009, Aliko Dangote proposed to Nafisat Yar’Adua, daughter of the late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

However, Nafisat declined his proposal due to the fact that she was friends with his daughter.

The Nigerian billionaire subsequently married Maria Muhammad Rufai. But the exact year in which the marriage took place cannot be confirmed yet.

Aliko Dangote appears to be very secretive about his private affairs, which is very much understandable.

Nevertheless, we can confirm that the billionaire’s marriage to Maria resulted to a divorce in 2017.

According to reports, Dangote was never at any point involved in polygamy, which is quite surprising considering his wealth and northern origin.

Rumors of secret marriage

For a person of Aliko’s popularity, it’s not surprising to see that he attracts a lot of media attention.

In the early parts of 2014, rumors were flying all over the internet claiming that Aliko Dangote married in secret.

A lot of people claim the Nigerian business man married Sylvia Nduka, who won the 2013 Miss Nigeria beauty pageant.

People who followed Sylvia Nduka on Instagram noticed she added AD to her name, helping fuel the rumors.

A lot of people believe the acronym, AD, stands for Aliko Dangote.

However, neither Aliko nor Sylvia has come out to squash those rumors, which makes it all the more suspiciously true.

Meanwhile, reports also have it that the marriage has resulted to a divorce. 

Those claims said Dangote’s annoyance was because she made their sweet secret romance public.

Whichever the case may be, it’s hard to tell exactly how many times Dangote has been married.

The same way it is hard to tell exactly how many children he has.

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