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Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Sport Football Barcelona ‘might go bankrupt’ after coronavirus, says aspiring president Font

Barcelona ‘might go bankrupt’ after coronavirus, says aspiring president Font

A Barcelona presidential candidate has declared that the club is on its way to “economic bankruptcy” as the war off the field continues.

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The Catalan giants are in turbulence behind the scenes as the search for a new president draws closer with the current president’s tenure set to end in 2021.

Victor Font

According to the rules of the club, the current president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, doesn’t stand a chance to contest again after 8 years.

is just one of the names hoping to take the hot seat and resolve the ongoing mess.

In any case, one of the presidential candidates, Victor Font, leader of the Si al futur group, wrote an open lengthy letter to board members and the media addressing the financial status of the club

Part of the letter read: “For some time now the project Si al futur has been warning Barca members that the club was heading towards the ‘perfect storm’ – it had to replace the best generation of footballers in history.

“And all this had to be done while preserving the ownership of the club in the hands of the members and its competitive capacity both in football and in all sections.

“If the risks were great, they have now become gigantic. We are in the midst of a pandemic that has brought the planet to a halt and will have effects in all walks of life, also in sport, that today we cannot yet foresee.

“This is not a recent problem – we have experienced the sentencing of the club in the Neymar case, the disagreements made public between employees and players with executives and managers, and the audit of the case on social networks, which seems will confirm the scandal.

“Let’s add an erratic sports policy, the breaking up of the board of directors and the significant reduction in income due to the pandemic, and the result is the danger of economic bankruptcy and moral decay in which the club has settled. Game over.”

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The sun reported that “a huge power struggle inside the club’s hierarchy sensationally led to six board members handing in their resignations last week.

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SourceThe Sun

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