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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Home Entertainment BBNaija 2020: Laycon becomes the most followed BBNaija Housemate on Instagram

BBNaija 2020: Laycon becomes the most followed BBNaija Housemate on Instagram

It has now become clear that Laycon fanbase keeps growing tremendously every day. The rapper cum singer now boasts a higher number of followers than other housemates, a title Nengi earlier held.

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From day 1 many people tipped Laycon to win big Brother Naija after he began impressing with his lyrical vibes.

But that wasn’t how it all started. At first, he was mocked and targeted with several derogatory remarks. That has since changed.

Right now, he boasts by far the largest number of fans, from what we can tell.


A few weeks back, Nengi had over 100k more followers than Laycon. Now, he has successfully gone past her, an indication that he is indeed the favorite to win the 85 million.

Nengi is still her closest rival, boasting just 3k less. However, with the speed he went past her, that margin is expected to widen.

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