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#BBNaija 2020: Lucy cries bitterly because of food

The incessant fighting in the house doesn’t seem like it will be stopping any time soon. This time, it is Lucy who is on the verge of losing it as she broke down in tears because of the housemate’s reaction to food.

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On Monday night, Lucy broke down in bitter tears while talking to Erica as she complained about her fellow housemate’s attitude to food.

The housemates had an argument on Monday night because of food hoarding and after the altercation, immediate past HOH, Erica went to have a conversation with Lucy in the garden.

During the conversation, Lucy broke down in tears as she bemoaned about the other housemates judging her.

“How do you people sit down and judge me for the same thing I am doing for the good of the house,” she said.

“No one does anything for me but when I do they are not satisfied. I do things without expecting anything in this house.

Erica, who was trying to console Lucy, advised her not to overdo things and overstretch herself in the house but to do her personal stuff.

“Don’t expect things from people because if you overdo and they don’t rate it, you’ll be frustrated.

“Housemates are against you because of your shout, manner of approach but we appreciate you that’s a fact. We appreciate your hard work.

“I’m always here for you regardless of everything that happened. I’m here as your friend or host partner if you ever need anyone you don’t have to be alone,” she added.

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Watch the video below:

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