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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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HomeEntertainment#BBNaija: Dorathy caught peeping on Nengi & Ozo in the kitchen

#BBNaija: Dorathy caught peeping on Nengi & Ozo in the kitchen

The Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ housemates have been serving fans with the premium contents they signed for. This time the camera caught Dorathy spying on Ozo and Nengi.

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The previous Sunday was marred with a heated argument between Nengi and Lucy all because of the love triangle between Ozo, Nengi and Dora.

Many, both housemates inside and the fans from outside the house are of the opinion that Dora has feelings for Ozo. But she has vehemently denied that.

She has often quieted all opinions stating that she is interested in Ozo. Noting that they are just the best of friends.

But in what looks suspicious, Dora has been captured peeping into the kitchen where Both Nengi and Ozo were making dinner.

As expected, this has fuelled and refuelled many assertions that Dora is in Love with Ozo and that all those times when she was always talking about Nengi is out of Jealousy.

Watch the video below:

Although, she only came to check if the food Ozo was preparing for the three of them was ready. But Many fans have interpreted the peeping as a sign of jealousy.

A few days back, Nengi was also caught peeping on Kiddwaya and Erica when they were alone having their lovey-dovey moment.

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