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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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HomeEntertainmentBiggie Demotes Erica as Head of House - Prince takes over (video)

Biggie Demotes Erica as Head of House – Prince takes over (video)

It appears Big Brother has commenced the disqualification process of Erica from his house. He appears to have relegated her from the Head of House role.

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Recall that Erica won last week’s head of house challenge and was in charge of the affairs of the house ever since.

However, that looks to have changed after she went on a rampage yesterday, insulting several housemates, not barring her deputy Prince.

She body-shamed Laycon, called him all sorts of names and threatened his life.

But that’s not all. One of the worst things she did yesterday was pouring water on the HOH lounge mattress, in order to prevent Prince from sleeping in it.

All of her actions have seen her relegated from her role as the head of the house.

This afternoon, instead of calling on Erica to brief the housemates on their tasks and outcome of their wager, Biggie opted to call Prince.

Bearing in mind the whole drama that went down yesterday, it is safe to say that Biggie has commenced the process of issuing her a huge punishment.

Meanwhile, Biggie announced that the housemates won their wager for last week.

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