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How to Block a Number From Calling You on Glo

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Keep reading to discover how to block a number from calling you on Glo.

Unwanted calls can be very annoying, but you don’t have to receive such calls anymore since there are measures you can put in place to prevent them.

There are several reasons you’d want to block a number from calling your Glo line. For example, there’s this person that stalks you and you don’t want them to ever reach your line again. Another reason could be that you just don’t want calls generally on a particular line.

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If your reason is the former, then putting your phone on flight mode or enabling Glo call barring is not the best thing to do.

That’s why we’ll be showing you different ways to block numbers on Glo so that you’ll be the one to decide the one that meets your needs.

How to block a specific number from calling you on Glo

If you’re interested in blocking a specific number, then you have to make use of the built-in feature on your phone. The reason is, Glo doesn’t allow subscribers to block specific numbers.

Block annoying calls on Glo
You do not have to receive any annoying calls anymore.

So, to block specific numbers on Glo, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Visit your call settings

Call settings on android 9.0

Note: The call settings location varies with mobile phone operating system providers. The screenshot above was taken using an Android device, if you use an iPhone, all you have to do is visit your call log to access this option.

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Step 2. Under setting, click on “blocked numbers”

Blocked numbers

Step 3. Click on ‘Add A Number’

Add a number to your list of blocked numbers

Step 4. Enter the phone number you intend to prevent from call you and after that click on “block”

blocked number

It is better to include the country code along with the number you want to block. For instance, instead of entering a phone number like 08012345678, it’s better to enter 2348012345678.

It is also important to know that if you’re using a device with two or more sim slots, the block number will not be able to call any of the active sim cards on that device.

In the event that you move your Glo SIM card to another phone, then you have to follow the same steps to block specific numbers.

How to block all calls to your Glo line

Dial *35*barring code# to block all Nigerian numbers and *351*barring code# to block all international numbers from reaching you.

And, to cancel all call barring dial #330*barring code#

Note: the default barring code is 0000. If you want to change it dial **03*330*old barring code*new barring code*new barring code#

How to block calls from advertisers on Glo

You can block calls from 3rd-party partners of Globacom calling your line to promote one product or the other.

To do that, simply activate Do Not Disturb (DND) by sending “STOP” to 2442.

In case you wish to block specific 3rd party numbers, SMS “Help” to 2442 to receive a message containing all the services and code for deactivating them.

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