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Blogger Review: My Experience Blogging in the BlogSpot Platform

This post is targeted at offering a sincere review on Blogger as demanded by one of our readers. So, if you have recently started a free blog on Blogger or you plan on starting one, I suggest you stick around.

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Blogging has reshaped the world of digital marketing. There literally millions of bloggers all over the world —  you can find among them: fashion bloggers, fitness bloggers, sports bloggers, etc. Also, the number of blogging software available to these bloggers keep increasing

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging software in the world. Major reason for its wide popularity is due to the fact that it’s been around for a long time and is completely free to use. You don’t have to pay a dime for hosting, SSL certificates, or the customer support you get.

Blogger was bought in 2003 by the search engine giant, Google, from its original creators, Pyra Labs. Ever since then, it has provided easy and free access to its millions of users all over the world.

This, I believe is a huge resource for individuals who want to go into blogging and build a passive income online but have limited resources.

My Blogger Review

I started my first blog on Blogger; that was where I learned most of the things I know right now. So, we owe Google a lot of credits for providing the forld with such a huge resource for free.

If you have limited resources while starting up your blog, then the BlogSpot platform was created just for you.

Blogger blogs have always been the easiest to monetize of all free blogs. All you need to do is to create your free blog using this amazing free blogging platform, customize it to your taste and publish a lot of quality articles. After that, it is very easy to monetize it.

As a matter of fact, the AdSense sign up button is right within your dashboard.

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signig up for adsense on the blogger.com dashboard

it only requires a two click process to sign up for Google AdSense program. Signing up for Google AdSense has been the best alternative for all blogger blogs to make money online. Reason is that, you are promoting Google’s brand (blogger.com), so why would they reject your application?

However, before applying for google AdSense, there are a few important things you need to do. Your blog has to meet up with their terms and conditions. You will soon discover those terms and conditions.

Making money on your free blog is not limited to just AdSense. There are other ways you can make money with a free blog.

However, I always advise all my friends with a blogger blog to stick to  Google AdSense and not promote too many affiliate products on their blog.

All you get for free on Blogger

The services you get for free on blogger are many. You get  a free sub-domain name, SSL certificates, customer support on the blogger help forum.

You might be new to blogging and not understand what I mean by SSL certificates. SSL certificates are very important nowadays. It is the green secure logo you see beside the search bar when you visit websites.

For most websites you visit, I believe you now see https://www.domainname.com, instead of the usual http://www.domainname.com.

The security of your website has now become one of the ranking factors on Google. So, getting that for free on you blogger blog is something amazing. It means you get to rank better in search results also.

The free support you get on their help forum is one thing that has greatly intrigued me. There’s hardly a question that gets unanswered within 30 minutes of asking. All questions are answered by hundreds of expert contributors on the blogger help forum.

How to get the best out of your free blog

One of my readers who doesn’t have enough money to start a blog on a paid platform recently emailed me saying:

Hi Matt, I’ve been reading your blog posts about starting a blog; however, I don’t have enough funds to start a blog on a paid platform. I need to know how to get the best out of my free Blogger blog. I’d also like to know if I’ll be considered a professional blogger; because I’ve read so many other articles that say Blogger blogs are not for professionals.

I have provided answers to her already. I want to do the same on this blog post.

Almost every new Blogger out there goes about with the notion that the BlogSpot platform is not for professionals; but for learners or unserious bloggers.

That is, however, not correct. Blogger is a good place to start. Moreover, you can make your free blog look very professional with a few design, styling and upgrades.

There are a few tricks I used in getting the best out of my blogger blog. I believe by now you must have created your free Blogger blog. If you have, I want to share with you those same tricks I used in getting the best out of my free blog.

1. Choose a beautiful Blogger theme

The Blogger Platform is not blessed with too many beautiful default themes. However, one theme I greatly love on their platform is the Emporio theme.

I used it while blogging there. The Emporio theme has a simple look and is very easy to customize.

The Emporio theme should be among the featured theme on your blogger dashboard.

The Emporio theme

All you have to do is, click on themes, scroll down to the Emporio theme, click on the design you want, customize it to your taste and activate it on your blog.

The Emporio theme is also one of Blogger’s free resources. If you are intested in getting a good template for your blog, there are thousands of Blogger themes out there; they cost a lot less compared to WordPress themes.

2. Setup a custom domain

A lot of things are gotten for free on Blogger; however, I always give one simple advice to anyone who uses this awesome blogging software. The advice is: set up a custom domain on your free blog. It only costs a few dollars.

Setting up a custom domain on your blog gives you a brand name, a real domain name instead of the sub-domain .blogspot.com extension on the domain.

You have to buy a domain name from one of the domain names providers. I highly recommend you buy a domain name from Namecheap. I have hosted my domain names with them for many years. Never had an issue for once.

The good thing is, it’s completely free to setup custom domain on Blogger. No need to pay a fee for upgrading like you’d have done in WordPress (wordpress.com).

Follow this guideHow to setup a custom domain on a BlogSpot blog.

3. Activate SSL

I told you SSL certificates was given for free on blogger. Sometimes, after setting up a custom domain, you have to reactivate it by yourself. To do this is very easy. If you are logged in to your blogger dashboard. Click on settings.

Activating SSL on the blogger dashboard

Click on HTTPS Availability. Make sure it is set at Yes. Also, click on HTTPS redirect, make sure it is set at Yes.

Those are the three basic things you need to do to get the best out of your free blog.

How to maintain a good stand with blogger.com

After creating your free blog, there are a few things you need to know. Blogger is kind of a ‘no nonsense’ platform. You shouldn’t dare to violate any of its content policies.

You must not use your blog to publish adult contents, copyrighted contents, promote child abuse, hate speech, etc.

If you violate any of those terms and conditions, your blog may get shut down and your Blogger account banished from using any of its services.

Conclusive Blogger Review (Overview)

Blogger is the best free blogging platform for any beginner who doesn’t have enough money to start a blog on WordPress.org  or any other paid platform. However, you must not abuse this free by violating its terms of use.

Frankly speaking, Blogger doesn’t have too many limitations. My take is, if you are getting millions of monthly visits to your free blog and making a lot of money from it, then you must be thinking of a way to move on, so as to save the huge amount of bandwidth and disk space your blog might be using up for the upcoming bloggers.

Here, I publish articles on Blogging, Freelancing and Affiliate marketing. Connect with me on Facebook and my YouTube channel to get access to my best tips faster than anyone else.

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