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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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HomeEntertainmentBREAKING: Erica Disqualified from BBNaija 2020 for 'Gross Misconduct' (video)

BREAKING: Erica Disqualified from BBNaija 2020 for ‘Gross Misconduct’ (video)

Erica has been disqualified from the Big Brother House after she consistently disrespected the rules of the Big Brother Lockdown house.

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Biggie gathered all of the housemates to the lounge and asked them to watch a video.

Immediately, it became clear that it was regarding Erica’s misbehavior in the house last night that lasted several hours.

As expected, Biggie played several clips in which Erica body-shamed Laycon, goaded him, and called him all sorts of hurtful names.

Erica too could be seen wearing a disappointed look, almost immediately, knowing fully well that she was treading on eggshells, having received 2 strikes prior to tonight and a final, final warning.

After playing the video, Big Brother then proceeded to list all of the rules Erica break. And for that, she was disqualified from the show immediately.

Watch the video:

Not that it came as much surprise, but it is sad to see Erica, who was pretty much one of the fan favorites go home for such silly mistakes.

She’s now out of the Big Brother game and has missed her chance of winning the grand prize of 85million Naira.

One of the most touching thing that happened after she was disqualify was that she still proceeded to apologize to the housemates for her misbehavior.

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It is really sad to see her go, and hopefully she can get her acts together and redeem her tarnished image.

On the other hand, Neo was also issued a strong warning for being an obstacle to a fellow housemate which was an infringement to Big Brother house’s rules.

In the same vein, Vee also got a strong and final warning for pulling Neo’s shirt in an attempt to get him out of her way.

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