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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Can You Really Upgrade WAEC Result? Discover the Truth Fast!

“Can I upgrade my WAEC result?”

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That was the content of the message I recently received from a student who supposedly underperformed in her WAEC result.

There’s no doubt, thousands of students underperform in their results. As a result, they think of ways to easily get out of the mess.

In Nigeria, It is important you get at least a credit pass in subjects like Maths and English. Not doing so may lead to you missing out on your admission into the university. Reason is, most university courses require at least a credit pass both Maths and English. Aside from that, there are several core subjects, depending on the course you applied for.

For instance, it is impossible to gain admission into any Nigerian university to study an Engineering course if you failed either Physics or Chemistry.

Several students who unfortunately didn’t make up to the required credit passes are interested in upgrading their results.

Can you upgrade WAEC result?

The simple answer to that question is NO! If you failed your WAEC, the only option you have is to register for another.

Beware of Fraudsters promising WAEC result upgrade

Recently, I noticed an increase in the activity of spammers on several websites. Even NaijaHomeBased has been targeted on multiple occasions by those spammers.

They go around posting messages like:

Help me thank Mr David. He helped me upgrade my WAEC result after checking the result yesterday and failed some subjects. If you need his help you can as well, you can contact him on: 081**********

We deliberately excluded the number, because many people would still feel the urge to call and enquire even after all we’ve said.

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Whenever you come across such messages on any website, please ignore.

Reason is, most of the people who post those messages are scammers. They are not really interested in helping you, but rather dupe you of your hard earned money.

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  1. so if i want to upgrade my waec result how i will get you please replay answer to really i want to upgrade my result

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