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Charlie Charlie game: How to do Charlie Charlie challenge, the correct way

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there? has been the most trending phrase on social media in the past 12 hours. In this article, we will be teaching you how to play the Charlie Charlie game.

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Several millions of people on the web from around the world have used this hashtag #CharlieCharlie in the last twelve hours.

Some people claim the game is real while others claim it is just another cheap stunt which social media users are just cruising with.

In any case, if you are interested in trying out this challenge, in this article, we will be teaching you the correct way to play the game.

How to play Charlie Charlie game

The players will divide a piece of paper into four quadrants, label each side of the quadrants with either “Yes” or “No”.

Thereafter, put one pencil on one line, balance the other one on top, then summon Charlie, by saying, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?”

The players have tried to make us believe that Charlie “answers” them by moving the pencil. It is like a compass, and it moves in either direction.

After charlie has confirmed his presence, you can then go on to ask other questions like “Charlie, will I buy Benz in future? Will I pass my exam?” or “Charlie, will I be rich?” etc.

How to make Charlie go away after summoning him

The rules of the game also involve making sure to tell Charlie goodbye after summoning him.

According to them, it is important to tell Charlie to go away so that the demon will not stick around.

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After playing the game, place the pencils again in its original position and ask Charlie Charlie ‘can we stop?’. if the pencil moves to yes, then you can say goodbye.

Otherwise, make a prayer and drop the pencil loudly like you are angry, this will make the demon go away.

Sounds hilarious right? However, the people who are into the game have made this claim and appeared to be serious about it.

So if you want to join them in playing the game youve got to follow the rules right?

Check out our other post on the Origin of Charlie Charlie game to know if the game is real or not.

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