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How to Check, Change or Remove Airtel Family & Friends Numbers

Are you interested in knowing how to check, change or remove the numbers currently on your Airtel family and friends list? If yes, then this guide will help you achieve just that.

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In our previous guide we explained how to add airtel family and friends numbers. Now, we are going to talk about another important aspect of our series on Airtel, which is how to modify the numbers you added to your F&F list.

As you must have realised, Airtel allows its F&F subscribers to add 5 special numbers they call frequently. Doing that gives those customers the opportunity to make cheap calls.

But in some cases, after completing your list of FnF numbers, you may need to keep track of all of them or even change them.

Reason is, your frequently called numbers may change over the course of time.

Fortunately, the network provides a means to perform any of the tasks listed above; all you need to do is dial some simple USSD codes on your line.

How to Check Airtel Family & Friends numbers

To view the numbers you’ve added to your FnF list, dial *311*4# on your mobile device. Thereafter, wait till a notification pops up on your screen listing all the numbers you’ve added. Also, you may receive a text message to confirm it.

Checking the numbers on your list is completely free of charge, as long as you don’t plan on modifying it.

How to remove Airtel Family and Friends Numbers

To remove a phone number you’ve previously added, dial *311*3*Phone Number#. Repeat the process till you finish removing all the phone numbers you plan to delete.

How to change Airtel Family & Friends Numbers

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It’s simple! To change a number, simply dial *311*3*old phone number#. After that, dial *311*2*new phone number#.

In the USSD command above, replace “old phone number’ with the one you wish to remove from your list, and replace “new phone number” with the new one you wish to add to your list.

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