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How to Check First Bank Account Number

This guide explains how to check First Bank account number by dialing a simple USSD code on your mobile phone.

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If you’ve forgotten your First Bank account number or you didn’t ever know it to begin with, have no fear.

Back then you’d have had to visit an FBN brach near you to discover what your NUBAN is; now all you have to do is dial a simple code.

First Bank Nigeria *894# Quick Banking.

But before you’ll be able to use our FirstBank account number checking code, you must have a phone number attached to your First Bank account. Because it is from that phone number you need to dial your code.

USSD code to check your First Bank account number

  • First, dial *894*0# using a phone number linked with your First Bank Account and select your debit card on from the options you see.
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN associated with that debit card and choose the 5-digit PIN for FirstBank quick banking.
  • Finally, dial *894*00# to reveal your First Bank account number.

Note: The first 4 steps in the list above are for those who haven’t activated FirstBank quick banking. Therefore, if before now you had Quick Banking activated, then the only code you need to dial to reveal your account number is *894*00#.

In addition, Nigeria Unified Bank Account Number (NUBAN) are always 10 digit in number. No more, no less. So, make sure yours is exactly 10.

Contact FBN customer care online and request for your Account Number

If you were not able to carry out the first transaction, maybe because you misplaced the phone number linked to your First Bank account, or for some other reasons, then you need to contact FBN online.

Pay attention>> How to contact First Bank of Nigeria customer care online

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Phone number linked with your account
  • Next of kin
  • Date of Birth
  • The bank branch you registered in
  • Home address
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If you’re able to provide the above information to the customer care representative, you’ll retrieve your lost account number.

Visit an FBN branch near you to know your account number

If for any reason you had no luck trying our first two option, then the next alternative is visit a visible FBN branch near you.

In similar fashion to the online requirements, the customer care representative will demand for your full name and several other important information. All that is necessary to track and prove your account ownership.

If you’re able to prove without doubt that you’re a customer of FBN, then your 10-digit NUBAN will be communicated to you.

That’s all about checking First Bank account number on phone. Have any question, feel free to relay them using the comment section below.

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