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How to Check Glo Data Balance & Bonus Data Balance

Want to check your Glo data balance but don’t know how? In our previous guide we shared the latest cheap data plans available to all new and existing Glo customers. This guide will show you how to check your Glo data balance and bonus data balance, that’s if you if you have any bonus.

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You will also know the expiry date or validity period of your current plan, in case you’ve forgotten.

Glo is regarded the grandmasters of data; clearly, that title is well-deserved. Over the past couple of months, Glo has been dishing out insanely cheap plans along with mouth-watering bonuses.

But sometimes you need to check your available data balance or bonus data balance, just so you can keep track of your its usage.

At the moment, there are three of such ways to check how much or your internet subscription you’ve used up, by USSD, SMS online. In this article you’ll get an explanation on how to perform all three, depending on the one you find convenient and fast.

How to check Glo data balance using USSD on Android or any other smartphone?

Step #1. To check your data balance using USSD, dial *777# on your android phone, iPhone, iPad, windows phone or whichever smartphone you use. You could also do this using a modem.

Glo: Buy data

Step #2. Select ‘buy a plan’ from the options you are provided with from dialing *777#.

Glo: manage plan

Step #3. From the list of options you have, select ‘manage plans’.

Dial 4 to get data balance

Step #4. From the options you have, enter the correct number to select “get balance”.

Message containing glo data balance
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Dial *127*0# using your android device or whichever smartphone you use. It’s the fastest and easiest way to check Glo data balance using USSD.

How to check Glo data balance using SMS

Let’s say for instance you use a buttoned device and the # or * button doesn’t work, then you might be interested in checking what you have left using SMS.

To check your Glo data balance using SMS, text the word “INFO” to 127 (without the quotes), then wait for a few seconds. If the network is not bad at that moment, you should get a message containing the volume of data you have left and its expiry date.

How to check Glo data balance online

The above two options work very fine, but let’s say you are currently surfing the internet and you don’t want to minimize or close your browser, or you just want to play around to be sure there’s actually a third option to perform exactly the same function, then here you go:

To check your data balance online, on your web browser or mobile phone browser, visit this link to open Glo HSI (High Speed Internet) self-care portal.

Glo data balance checked on hsi.glo.com

What is left of your subscription along with its validity period will be displayed immediately in the self-care page.

For web browsers, it is located on the right-hand-side of the screen; as you can see in the above image.

How to check your bonus data balance?

In recent times, Glo includes bonuses along with the normal balance you see when you perform any of the operations above.

However, if you feel it’s not included, then you can dial #122# using your device to see all bonuses you have. Using that USSD code in most cases displays whatever active bonuses you have on your line.  

But, like I said, the *127*0# operation will include whatever you have on your balance. Especially if you use Glo Yakata, which is the prepaid tariff that’s reigning everywhere at this point in time.

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