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How to Check GTB Account Number

Forgot your GTbank Account number? If yes, then have no fear. This guide will show you how to check your GTB account number using your phone. Plus it’s really easy. Trust me!

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Thank God for technology, getting some things done is much easier now compared to years back.

Several years back, you’d have had to wait in a queue just to speak with a GTB customer service representative that would help you check your account number.

There are three easy ways to check your account number without having to visit a GTB branch near you. They include:

  • By SMS
  • Using *737# magic banking
  • Using GTB online or mobile banking service

We’ll teach you how to use each of the methods stated above. Therefore it is at your discretion to choose any method you prefer the most.

How to check GTB account number by SMS or TEXT

To know what your GTB account number is using SMS – Send ‘My Account’ to 08076665555. Do not include apostrophe to your message. That is, only send the word My Account to 08076665555.

Afterwards, you’ll receive an SMS containing your Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN), which is usually ten digit.

However, to successfully carryout the above transaction, the message must be sent from the phone number you have linked with your GTB account. Otherwise you’ll receive error messages.

How to check GTB account using USSD

To check your GTB account number using USSD code, popularly known as magic banking, all you need to do is dial *737*6*1#.

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Thereafter, you’ll receive a message containing your GTB NUBAN account number.

Also, the above code must be dialed using the phone number you have registered with GTB or else you’ll get an error message.

How to check GTB account number online

Checking of GTB account number online can be done by using either the mobile banking app or the internet banking website.

This is only achievable if you have previously activated your account or mobile banking or internet banking.

If you have a mobile banking app, all you have to do is log in to it, and your account balance will be displayed on the screen.

In simar fashion, if you login to the internet banking website using your credentials, you’ll see your 10-digit NUBAN displayed on one side of the screen.

If you have any question regarding this guide, you can drop it using the comment section below.

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