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Why You Must Never Start a Copy and Paste Entertainment Blog

An entertainment blog has always been an easy way to make money online. However, you will make absolutely no money from it if you don’t start it in the right way.

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Reason I was pushed to write this post was because of a wrong article I read online about how you can start a copy and paste entertainment blog and make huge money from it.

Funny enough, that article ranked very high on a Google search. Probably because it attracted a lot of readers, comments and social shares.

That article is simply the biggest bluff of all time. You must never start a copy and paste entertainment blog or any other news blog, except you don’t want to make any money from it.

I was very naive a couple of years back, when I started an entertainment blog on blogger.com. Because of the wrong articles I had fed my eyes with, I ended up suffering multiple rejections when I applied to Google AdSense.

I still see a lot of new entertainment blogs, most of which are owned by determined new bloggers hoping to build an audience, get AdSense approval and make money online. That’s what drove me into writing this blog post, in order to save many people from facing the same AdSense rejection I suffered a few year back.

Blogging is a good way to make money online. It has been a source of income for a lot of people all over the world. As soon as blogging started gaining a lot of popularity, almost everyone with a decent writing skill started showing interest in blogging.

It’s never a bad idea to try out one’s ability on something new and worth it. Frankly, blogging is worth trying out. If you have heard of several success stories from the most successful bloggers in the world.

People try to make sales for affiliate products, get people to start a blog, make them it feel like it’s so easy to make money with a blog. Without really telling them the qualities needed to run a successful blog.

If you are interested in starting a copy and paste entertainment blog, maybe because you read one “wrong article” like I did many years back, I will share with you a few things you need to know.

Dangers of starting a copy and paste entertainment blog

Like I said earlier, an entertainment blog is easy to start. It’s very easy to attract a lot of audience with an entertainment blog. Reason is that, you are publishing contents that every normal human being wants to see and hear. Everyone loves getting entertained (who doesn’t).

But there are numerous dangers associated with starting a copy and paste entertainment blog. Most of which are Google related.

Now let’s have a look at those dangers.

Copy and paste entertainment blogs won’t rank high on Google (Oh! I meant to say search engines).

When we talk about search engines, the only word that comes to the mind of most people is Google. Rightly so. Google is the Search Engine Giant that generates the largest percentage of organic traffic for most websites.

If you start a copy and paste entertainment blog, you will never get a good rank on Google. Reason is that, the original author owns the copyright to that article. Once plagiarism is detected in your writeup, a review from Google will send your blog to the abyss of 1000 SERP (Search Engine Result page).

An article on SEMRush talks about cutting and pasting other people’s work on your blog and how much it hurts your SEO.

you can’t monetize a copy and paste entertainment blog

When you start an entertainment blog, a time would come when you’d want to monetize it, in order to make up for the ISP charges and other bills.  However, If you start an entertainment blog only to copy and paste other people’s work, you will not be able to monetize it.

From my observation, entertainment blogs generate their revenues majorly from banner ads from Google AdSense or any other alternative to AdSense.

The last time I checked, AdSense rejects entertainment blogs because it is an already saturated niche. However, It becomes even worse when you apply with a copy and paste entertainment blog.

Below is a response a person got after applying with a copy and paste blog.

Adsense rejecting copy and paste entertainment blogs

What if you get an approval from Google AdSense, before copy and pasting?

Some new bloggers go about thinking, what if I start an entertainment blog, get AdSense approval before going about the copy and paste blogging?

If you do that, AdSense will figure you out and banish you from their service. All it takes is a simple review from AdSense.

Recommended: How to prevent AdSense ban or a low CPC

Below is a message from a person who fell a victim of this. AdSense banned a copy and paste entertaiment blog

And once your account gets disabled by AdSense, it’s very difficult to rectify. So, it’s best to avoid any copy and paste issue if you want to run a successful entertainment blog.

You might end up getting sued and pay huge fines

This is like one of the worst consequences of using copyrighted materials. If you were lucky enough to get away with the above two, anther this is likely to happen is that, you might get sued and pay huge fines.

If you start an entertainment blog, there’s every tendency that you want to make it reach a good height. Once you start reaching lime light, it is very possible that people will start doing a lot of digging on you. Your rivals would probably want to bring up an incriminating evidence against you.

In 2014, Nigeria’s Popular entertainment blogger, Linda Ikeji was at the receiving end of Google’s hammer. As reported by premium times, her blog was shut down temporarily before she eventually rectified it.


To start an entertainment blog and succeed requires intense efforts. Reason is that, it is an already saturated blogging topic. As soon as it became obvious how lucrative the entertainment blog was, every new blogger received the divine calling to become an entertainment blogger.

At NaijaHomeBased, we always preach quality over quantity. So I don’t intend to scare you away from starting an entertainment blog.

However, if you start an entertainment blog, you must have a plan in place to come up with something that can beat what is currently in existence.

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