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Monday, August 8, 2022
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Derek Chauvin and George Floyd were Co-Workers – former employer reveals

Former Minneapolis police office, Derek Chauvin, was charged with the murder of George Floyd on Friday. Meanwhile, new reports reveal that the cop may have known George personally.

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George Floyd and Derek Chauvin both worked as security at El Nuevo Rodeo, a nightclub located in Minneapolis.

According to the club’s former owner, Maya Santamaria, Floyd was a “great guy” who was known for his big smile. She went on to reveal that Floyd often worked as an extra security guard on Tuesdays when the club held popular “urban” music nights.

Whereas, Chauvin served as an off-duty police officer for the club for almost 17 years.

However, she refused to disclose expressly that both of them knew each other.

“I wouldn’t characterize them as knowing each other,” CNN quoted her as saying during an interview.

“We did all work together at the club at different points of time, certainly on Tuesday nights on and off. We were all working on the same team.

“We all worked together certain nights and they would have crossed paths.”

She described the video of Derek Chauvin choking Floyd with his knee as horrible beyond words.

“I didn’t understand what I was seeing,” Santamaria continued.

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“I kept yelling at my phone telling Chauvin to get off of him. It’s horrible. It’s absolutely beyond words. And having known Chauvin, I can’t believe he didn’t have the humanity to listen to this poor man begging for his air and his life.”

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