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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Home Entertainment Erica Breaks up with Kiddwaya because he flirts with other girls

Erica Breaks up with Kiddwaya because he flirts with other girls

The Kiddrica ship may have just capsized for good. Erica has just told Kiddwaya she intends to channel her focus more on the reason she came into the Big Brother house and would not want to be distracted by any man.

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Erica and Kiddwaya became the favorite couple in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown to virtually all the avid followers of the popular TV show.

However, Erica always complained of Kiddwaya’s flirtatious nature, saying it was unfortunate she liked him regardless.

The lockdown house has, as a matter of fact, been nothing short of dramatic and fun, and has had many fans glued to their TV.

So much drama around love and ships happened last night and we just couldn’t keep up.

After their Wager rehearsals, Erica went to bed with a plate of cake and in what happened to be a sad mood.

Many people have now linked it with the fact that Nengi actually shoved Erica so as to hug Kiddwaya.

I mean, she really did push Erica away so she could hug Kiddwaya, and he did nothing about it.

Minutes later, Erica had a conversation with Kiddwaya about wanting to have her head in the game without any man distractions. However, she admitted to enjoying all the cuddles and intimate moments they shared together.

Meanwhile, Kiddwaya and Nengi actually flirted with each other a lot after the rehearsals. This came after much effort from Nengi to get his attention, and we earlier shared five moments she was clearly throwing herself at him.

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It is no surprise then to see that Kiddwaya went straight to Nengi to replay what went down with Erica.

He even went as far as saying he wasn’t “looking for anything serious anyway.”

He added that he’s just a “very friendly person” who sometimes “flirt with ladies just for fun”.

Nengi, on the other hand, admitted to being the cause of the trouble in their relationship and promised to keep her distance. However, the did is done! We may have just seen the end to the legendary Kiddrica ship.

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