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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Family refutes claims that late makeup artist Deborah Tushima was poisoned over an iPhone 11

Following the death of makeup artist, Deborah Tushima, several rumours started making rounds on the web as to what led to her unfortunate death.

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The most popular trend was that she was poisoned at her birthday party simply because she received an iPhone 11 as a birthday gift.

However, a close family friend has refuted the viral report which even led to iPhone 11 trending on the popular social app, Twitter.

According to them, she was suffering from a heat disease that made her faint on multiple occasions, and they got to know about it late.

Also, she didn’t die in Jos, as she was at the time of her death doing her Industrial Training at Makurdi, the capital of Benue state.

A family friend took to Twitter to write saying, “I really don’t know where you are getting all of these your rumours from but this is what an immediate family member told me. I really shouldn’t be doing this.

“Deborah’s death hasn’t been confirmed as poisoning. Deborah Tushima didn’t die because of an iPhone 11.”

Meanwhile, her real cause of death isn’t certain, pending an autopsy. However, it is clear that she didn’t die because of an iPhone 11.

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