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FCMB Recharge Code: Recharge For Yourself & Others Via USSD

With FCMB recharge code, you can load credit on your line or top-up your loved ones without any stress. In this guide, we’ll show you how to perform all the aforementioned operations.

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Before the introduction of recharge codes, all transactions that involve loading airtime required that you visit an ATM machine or download the mobile app.

The limitation associated with the former may have to do with distance, while that of the latter has to do with internet.

Going to an ATM service point just to recharge your phone can be time wasting. In fact, why do that when you can just dial a simple code on your phone?

But to be able to use this service, you need to first of all register for FCMB USSD Banking. You can do that by dialing *329# and following the on-screen instructions.

Note: you need to dial the above code using a mobile phone number linked to your bank account.

How to recharge from your FCMB account using code

  • To top-up a line linked to your account, dial*329*Amount# to top-up your mobile phone.
  • To top-up for someone else or a line not linked to your account, dial *329*Amount*Mobile number#.
  • Confirm your transaction by entering the last 4 digits of your mastercard number or by entering your your USSD banking PIN.

Recharge limit

The daily transaction limit is set at N5,000 by default. To increase this limit, please visit a branch, or simply call or contact customer care via email or live chat.

What you should know about using FCMB recharge code

  • The recharge process is irreversible, therefore you must be very careful before confirming transactions. For instance, if instead of recharging 500 naira you enter 5,000 naira, then you cannot reverse it.
  • Also, if you enter the wrong phone number while topping up someone else, then there’s no way you can reverse it. Except the person is willing to send the cash to you.
  • The code works on any mobile device type, be it android, iOS, Blackberry, or Java.
  • Using FCMB recharge code requires no internet connection; however, it depends on the availability of a strong-enough network signal.
  • You can top up your phone at any time of the day, 7 days a week, including public holidays and weekends.

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