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First Bank Customer Care Phone Number, Email, Live Chat & Whatsapp

Here we’ll show you how to get help from First Bank customer care via their phone numbers, live chat, email address or whatsapp.

Founded in 1894, First Bank is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria. Not just in Nigeria, the bank operates in several other West African countries and beyond.

For a bank with such a huge customer base, providing adequate support for its millions of customers is a must.

As expected, the banking giant has several platforms in place for customers to easily contact them.

However, not too many people know how to make use of those support platforms.

But since you’re here, this guide will help you connect with a customer care representative with ease.

Using the following platforms:

First Bank customer care phone number

The financial institution provides several helplines / contact numbers customers can easily call to speak with a representative.

They are:

+2341 9052326
+234 1 90520000
+234 700 FIRST CONTACT (+234 700 34778 2668228)
+234708 062 5000
+234 1 448 5500

You must take note, however, that using First Bank customer care phone numbers come at a cost. In other words, they are not toll-free.

As a result of this, an average customer may not be able to bear the financial implications it entails.

Personally, I don’t fancy calling the helplines above. Continue reading to discover my most recommended way to get support.

First Bank customer care email

To make enquiries or lay complaints, you can send an email to

Alternatively, you visit the contact us page and fill the form there.

First Bank contact form for email assistance

Within a few hours, you’ll get an email notification in response to your query — provided it isn’t a very busy day.

Make sure your email is clear and has all relevant information like, account name and number. 

With that, you’ll be able to receive the support you need via email without much hassle.

First Bank customer care live chat

Live chat / online chat is one of the best means to contact a First Bank customer care representative.

To use the live chat, visit the contact page and click on Live chat. This can be found at the left corner of the screen.

Click on first bank live chat to speack with a customer care representative

Fill in the form you’re provided with and submit. Within a few minutes, you’ll be connected to a customer care personnel you can chat with and relay your complaints.

First Bank Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter


The bank doesn’t provide a means for customers to receive help via Whatsapp.


To get assistance via Twitter use @FirstBankngr. The handle is available
24×7 to all customers.


To receive assistance via Facebook forward all complaints and enquiries through the official Facebook page of First Bank Nigeria PLC.

That’s all about contacting a First Bank customer care representative online.

Please do not leave complaints and sensitive information in the comment section below. Because we cannot provide assistance in any way.

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