How to enable Fiverr Available Now

Fiverr Available Now: A Huge Opportunity To Make More Sales On Fiverr

If you are new on Fiverr, you may not understand what Fiverr available now feature is all about. Fiverr available now feature is a great way to attract attention from buyers; it’s like a come get me plea.

Once enabled, buyers will be aware of your online status and your readiness to work – which is a great opportunity for new freelancers.

The available now feature is a must use for new freelancers; especially due to the fact that you’re new and most likely not getting enough attention and orders from buyers.

In recent times, it’s been extremely difficult for new sellers to get started on Fiverr – because there are already established first page sellers in almost every sub-categories.

But when buyers are in need of urgent work, they most times visit Fiverr to search for freelancers that are online and can attend to them quickly.

This is an added advantage that every freelancer, seeking more jobs and more money, must leverage on.

The question now is, who doesn’t want more money. Even freelancers that earn over $5000 monthly are most times still craving for more. Which spells bad omen for the new seller.

Fiverr added the available now feature in order to help the struggling new sellers who are probably not getting enough orders due to the high competition among sellers on the platform.

In my tips for increasing Fiverr sales, I stressed the importance of always staying online – which can be achieved using the Fiverr iOs app.

But staying just staying online is not enough. You have to turn on the available now feature if you are interested in making more sales on Fiverr.

How to qualify for Fiverr available now

As obvious as it may seem, from the BETA tag still given to this feature, I’ll still go on and emphasize that the Fiverr available now BETA is still being tested and not available to all sellers.

Since Fiverr is not interested in seeing this feature abused, there are a few conditions you need to satisfy in order to be eligible to enable Fiverr available now.

Those conditions are:

  • You must not have more than 5 queued gig orders
  • You must have a low order cancellation rate
  • You must have completed and delivered not less than 5 gig orders

If you don’t qualify for the available now feature, you’ll get a notification indicating that whenever you try to activate it.not eligible for Fiverr available now

How to enable Fiverr available now

Step 1. Login to Fiverr and click on the Available NOW icon

Fiverr available now icon

The available now icon should be located at the top-right corner of your Fiverr account.

Step 2. Agree on terms and click on activate

Activating Fiverr available now

Click on the box that agrees to the term that you will reply messages under 5 minutes. And thereafter, click on the button to toggle “I’m AVAILABLE NOW” feature on.

Step 3. Stay online and reply buyers’ messages fast

You need to keep yourself logged in to Fiverr either on your Desktop browser or Fiverr mobile app. I recommend you download the Fiverr mobile app so as to receive real time notifications of buyers messages.

If you don’t reply messages within 5 minutes, Fiverr will automatically switch off the available now feature on your behalf.

Fiverr AVAILABLE NOW best practices

Now that you have successfully turned on the available now feature on your Fiverr account, you need to be aware of the best practices whenever you have this feature on – so as to stay safe and avoid getting suspended from using this amazing feature.

Like I said earlier, if you don’t reply buyer’s messages in under 5 minutes, Fiverr will automatically switch off this feature on your behalf. If you go on and reactivate the it, then you must make sure not to repeat it three times.

After three times of not responding to buyers’ messages, Fiverr will automatically suspend you from using the Available Now feature for the next 30 days.

So, you need to make sure to turn off Available Now whenever you are not really available. After all, it only requires one click.

Also, the available now doesn’t hasten your gig delivery date. Whatever delivery time is stipulated in your ordered gig, that is when you are obligated to deliver.

Why use the available now instead of just staying online?

A large percentage of buyers who visit Fiverr are looking for urgent attention. It has been observed that most sellers just download the Fiverr app and remain online; without truly being available.

But with the conditions given to sellers who switch on this feature, it makes it a real indication of a seller’s readiness to work. This makes it entirely different from the Online Now feature.

Additionally, it is highly likely that most Fiverr top-sellers will not be eligible to switch this feature on. Since they are most times busy dealing with one order or the other.

Most Fiverr top-sellers usually have more than 5 queued gig orders; which disqualifies them from using the Available now feature. So it’s a huge opportunity for new sellers to make more sales on Fiverr.

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