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How to Write a Fiverr Gig Description Using Samples or Templates

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Writing a good description for your Fiverr Gig is extremely important—especially if you’re a new seller. In this guide, I’ll show you how to write a good description for your Fiverr Gig using a free sample.

Putting so much energy into your Gig description is almost like making a meal of it; however, people who have been on Fiverr long enough will know just how important a gig description is on Fiverr.

Gig descriptions are most times what actually get people to purchase from new sellers, since they are most likely having zero to very few positive reviews and ratings.

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Besides not having enough positive ratings, if your Gig contains a lot of hard to spot errors, you’re in for some real danger.

Especially if you render services in areas that demand zero errors—like content writing, proofreading, transcription, etc.

You’ll find it difficult to make sales with a Gig description that contains grammatical errors.

Apart from offering services in the content writing category, a lot of people simply have a penchant for picking out grammatical errors.

So even if you offer a service like data entry, which is in most cases not dependent on how proficient you are with the English-language, you may still find it difficult to make sales because of grammatical errors.

Not just writing a Gig description free from grammatical errors, there are a few important details you need to take note of.

Fiverr Gig description quality check list

Use the right keywords: In my previous publication, I talked about how on page SEO is important. Your Gig should not only be free from grammatical errors, but must also contain the right keywords.

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If you use the right keywords in your Gig description, when search queries related to your services are made, your Gig will appear among search results.

Only when your Gig gets seen and clicked do you stand a chance of your gig description getting read and making sales.

Use basic English: Most buyers are not native English speakers, so they may find it difficult to comprehend a complicated writeup; that’s why your gig description has to be very easy to understand.

This will also prevent buyers from purchasing the wrong Gig which can have a negative effect on your order completion rate.

Talk about your experience: Your Gig description must contain a short detail of your experience and any other information that makes you standout from other freelancers.

Include relevant services: Do not make the mistake of listing sub-services you won’t be able to deliver with ease.

Go straight to be point: Your Gig description isn’t a cover letter, so it needn’t contain too many formalities or introduction. Also, your gig description is limited to just 1200 characters; so there’s literally no space for irrelevant points.

Encourage buyers to leave you a message: After reading your Gig description, some buyers may still have a few questions to ask; that’s why you need to encourage them to contact you—so that everything not addressed in the Gig description will be addressed in chat.

Some buyers may bounce off without contacting you—just because they had unanswered questions after reading your Gig description.

Fiverr Gig description Template

Writing a Gig description may be a piece of cake for most native English speakers; however, non-native English speakers may find it a complicated task.

Not being a native English speaker is no excuse, though. Most buyers will not consider the fact that writing exceptionally in English-Language is in no way relevant to the Services you render— they’ll still get turned off by the slightest of grammatical blunders.

That’s the reason you may need to follow a template or a sample for your Fiverr gig description.

You can easily get gig description samples or templates from the top-sellers on Fiverr. However, they should only be a guide and not be copied word for word.

There’s a wide range of services to render on Fiverr, so it’ll be extremely difficult to provide a template for each subcategory.

Nevertheless, I’ll just go on and provide a sample suitable for almost anyone. Just replace the dash fields with the relevant info.

(gig title) professional _____________________

If you’re looking for a highly qualified professional______________________(your service) then you found him/her.

I’ve been working as a _____________________ for _________ years now, which places me in the best position to handle your project.

I look forward to working with you on not just this project but on future projects too; so you can totally rely on whatever finished work you get from me.

I provide (your service) __________ in the following areas (list will contain your sub-services):

_________________(list 1)

_________________(list 2)

_________________(list 3), and so on…

What you will get(list what your clients will get from your finished work):

________________ (list 1)

________________(list 2)

________________,(list 3), and so on….

If you have any requirements outside the services listed above or further questions, feel free to contact me for support. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to working with you.

Note: The above Gig description is only a format for you to follow. Edit or replace all fields in red as applicable to the services you render—remembering to include keywords.

I hope with this guide, you’re able to write a good gig description for your service.

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