Getting 90% order completion rate on Fiverr

4 Tips For Keeping Your Fiverr Gig Order Completion Rate Above 90%

Keeping your Fiverr gig completion rate at or above 90% is very important if you want to quickly get level promotion on Fiverr. In this guide, I’ll share with you all the tips you need to keep your order completion rate above 90%.

As a seller, cancellation of ordered gigs can hinder your progress from one level to another. Currently, to get promoted from one level to another, you must keep your order completion rate at or above 90%.

If you’ve been on Fiverr long enough, you’d know that it’s not always so easy to keep your order completion rate above 90%. Some simple mistakes can make buyers cancel placed orders.

What is 90% order completion rate?

It can be calculated by dividing your completed orders by total orders received and multiplying by 100. It is calculated automatically by Fiverr; however, you must know how it’s done to keep track of it.

For instance, if you get 5 orders and you ended up completing 4 of them, while 1 order gets cancelled.


Order completion rate = 4/5 ×100% = 80%

With the value you have above, you’ll not get level promotion. It has to be on or above 90%.

In order words, for every 10 Gig orders you get, you must complete at least 9 of them.

This is seemingly a daunting task; however, you can make it easy for yourself with the tips I’m about to share with you.

How to keep Fiverr order completion rate above 90%

1. Use a clear gig description

The first thing you can do to help you keep the rate at which buyers cancelled ordered gigs at the minimal is by creating an easy-to-read gig description.

The average Fiverr buyer may not be so equipped to understand complicated vocabularies. Some buyers I’ve had conversations with are non-English natives, so they most times find it extremely difficult to communicate with ease in English-Language.

Let’s assume such a buyer decides to order your gig, he may end up ordering the wrong plan which may result to a canceled order.

If a buyer orders a basic plan for a service described in the Premium package, it might become complicated to deal with. If you can reach an agreement with that buyer, maybe that gig order will not get cancelled. But if not, it will become a huge issue.

But you wouldn’t want to get in a situation in which you’d have to start negotiating with buyers; hence the need to make sure your gig description is written in Basic English.

2. Urge buyers to contact you first

Some buyers may have a requirement outside your gig offering but just go ahead and place an order on any plan they so desire. We’ve seen a lot of cases like that.

And unfortunately, they most times order a plan with a cost lower than what they should have paid. No freelancer appreciates doing unpaid extra-jobs.

So, if you want to reduce the rate at which buyers order the wrong plan before needing to cancel, always urge them to contact you first before placing gig orders.

You can also make use of gig extras to ensure your buyers are able to order specific gig requirements outside your basic, standard and premium gig pricing.

3. Regulate maximum queued orders

One huge reason buyers cancel orders is as a result of sellers failing to meetup with delivery date. This may arise as a result of trying too hard to complete more orders than you can meet up with or not regulating the maximum number of queued orders you can get.

Making a lot of money is every freelancer’s biggest target. However, you must also keep level promotion in mind. With a good seller level, you’ll get the opportunity to earn more and also earn buyers’ respect.

There are ways you can use a spike in Gig orders to your advantage, though. I shared those methods in a previous guide.

Not completing orders will not only reducing your gig order completion rate, but may also hamper your positive ratings and your 90% on time delivery rate.

4. Complete some wrong orders

Some bully buyers will be interested in taking advantage of new fiverr sellers — by intentionally placing wrong orders and pretending not to be aware of that.

If you can reach an agreement for another fee, fine. but if not, just complete that order get your good review and report that buyer to Fiverr support. Especially if that order is what is required to help you reach 90% order completion rate for the next promotion screening.

After all, your main goal is to get level promotion and begin to receive priority support from Fiverr.

Most new sellers have always complained about not getting good support from the Fiverr team. But as soon as you get to Level Two, that changes.

It is from Level 2 you start to enjoy priority support from Fiverr. It is stated in Fiverr publication about levels and their benefits.

Also, buyers will begin to respect you more and bullies will most likely steer clear.

I hope with this guide, you are able to keep your order completion rate above 90%.

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