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Fiverr Revenue Card: Everything You Need to Know About it

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Using a Fiverr revenue card is one of the withdrawal options available to all freelancers. If you are planning on getting a Fiverr revenue card to withdraw your money from Fiverr, this post will explain how to go about it and exactly what to expect using this payment option.

There are several other payment options. However, many sellers make use of the Fiverr revenue card as their most preferred withdrawal option.

Because many sellers use it does not mean it’s the best payment option for you, though. It depends on certain factors, like location, the amount you intend to withdraw, urgency, access to other withdrawal options, etc.

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Let’s find out if you should use the Fiverr revenue card as your preferred method of withdrawal.

What is the Fiverr revenue card?

The Fiverr Revenue Card is one of the options with which you can withdraw your money from Fiverr. It is provided by Payoneer. With the Revenue Card, your funds become readily available for withdrawal at any ATM service point worldwide.

Your Fiverr revenue card is just like the regular debit card you get from your local bank.

How do I get a Fiverr revenue card?

You need to create an account with Payoneer, request for a prepaid card, then link it with your Fiverr account to serve as your revenue card.

You’ll get a bonus of $25 for signing up with Payoneer through this link now.

Setting up a Fiverr revenue card:

earn 25 dollars signing up with Payoneer
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Do not forget to click on the ‘Sign Up & Earn $25’ button.

What does it cost to use a Fiverr revenue card?

If you initiate a withdrawal from your main account to your revenue card, you will be charged a fee of $1 irrespective of your withdrawal amount. For that $1 fee, your funds will enter your revenue card within 48 hours.

If you are interested in accessing your funds much faster, then you have to select the dialog box that provides that option during withdrawal. However, receiving your funds at such a fast pace will attract a fee of $3 instead of the regular $1.

In my opinion, except you are out of cash and need to quickly access your funds, there’s no need to pay an extra $2 to get your money in 2 hours.

Even with the regular $1 fee for two days, funds can reach your card in less than 36 hours sometimes; that’s around 1 and a half days.

The minimum amount you can withdraw using your revenue card is set at $5.

It’s better to withdraw in bulk and not often in order to dodge the regular withdrawal charges.

Fiverr doesn’t charge any other fees apart from the fee used in processing your transaction. Any other fee you are charged comes from your revenue card provider.

Who should use a revenue card?

The revenue card is one of the best payment options. Most top sellers make use of it to access their funds with ease.

It is an ideal alternative for anyone living in a country where PayPal is unsupported.

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