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Glo Free Tomorrow Migration & Bonus Code, and how to Deactivate

Glo Free Tomorrow is a plan on Globacom Nigeria which rewards customers with 200% bonuses for whatever credit they spent on the previous day. In this guide you’ll learn how to migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow, qualify for bonuses, check your bonus balance, and deactivate or opt out from Glo Free Tomorrow when you no longer want to be a subscriber.

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Glo is one of the biggest players in Africa’s most populated nation, Nigeria. The company also has presence in several other West African countries and beyond.

Every year there’s always a huge increase in its customer base; and needless to say, the crazy bonuses offered by the company have a huge role to play in it.

How does Glo Free Tomorrow work?

Glo Freetomorrow: whatever you use today, get double back tomorrow

As a subscriber to Glo Free tomorrow, you get to enjoy double the amount of credit you spend one day as bonus the next day. That is, if you spend 100 on calls, SMS, & Flexi browsing today, you’ll get 200 as a bonus the tomorrow. And the cycle keeps repeating non-stop.

Your bonus can be used to call all networks within Nigeria at the rate of 56K/s (56 kobo per second), send messages at the rate of ₦8 per SMS, and browse at the cost of 10K/Kb. While funds from your main account balance will be charged at 28k/s for calls to all networks in Nigeria, ₦4/SMS and 5K/Kb.

However, there’s an allocated percentage on bonus usage…75% of the bonus amount is designated for Glo-to-Glo calls and browsing while 25% is targeted at browsing, offnet and IDD calls to some select destinations.

Your main account balance will not be charged in as much as you have bonuses. It will, however, begin to get charged when your bonuses get exhausted.

How to migrate to Glo Free Tomorrow?

To opt for Glo Free Tomorrow simply dial *600#, and then you’ll receive a message welcoming you to your new plan. Migration is free of charge. But you must really make up your mind before opting in to GFT in the first place. Reason is, all the benefits and bonuses from your previous plan will cease to exist.

However, you still have the option to subscribe to value-added services & packs such as biggu, IDD, Jolof, callertune, etc. albeit from your main account balance.

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Note: money spent in purchasing data or value-added services do not qualify you for any bonuses.

How to check Glo free tomorrow bonus balance?

Every time you get credited with bonuses will be confirmed with an SMS from Glo. But to keep track of your bonus usage, you need to dial either #122# or *122*8#.

You must always check your bonus balance so that you’ll not exhaust your bonuses without realizing, although you’ll get an SMS to confirm the exhaustion of your bonus account.

Take note that whatever money you have in your bonus account will not get rolled over. In other words, you need to spend your bonuses every day or you’ll forfeit it.

Also, your bonus usage will not be calculated as money spent for your next day Free Tomorrow; therefore, you must spend your bonuses and then from you main account balance to qualify for a new bonus the next day.

How to deactivate or opt out from Glo Free Tomorrow?

To deactivate FT all you need to do is dial *301#. You’ll automatically get migrated to Glo Infinito. Alternatively, to avoid getting migrated to Glo infinito, just dial the code of whichever prepaid plan you’re interested in migrating to.

Now that you know everything about Glo Free Tomorrow, are you interested in giving it a try? That’s left for you to decide 🙂

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