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Glo Infinito Migration Code, Call rates & Benefits

Glo Infiniito is one of the many voice plans available on the network. In this guide we’ll be addressing issues like: benefits of migrating to Glo infinito, how to migrate to Glo infinito, and call rates & bonuses attached to Glo infinito.

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Globacom, popular known as Glo, is a highly popular telecommunication company in Nigeria. According to statistics, it is the 2nd most popular after MTN.

MTN has got to watch its back, because Glo has been growing very fast in recent years. Several people who didn’t use to have Glo SIMs now do, and it’s not hard to explain why. There are several sweet prepaid and postpaid plans available on the network, and Glo Infinito happens to be one of the best on not just Glo, but compared to other networks.

Without further ado, let’s get started with why you’re here

How infinito works (call rates & bonuses):

Glo Infinito: Flat rate to all networks plain and simple

Not a promotional offer

Infinito is not a promotion offer, so have it in mind that it is not one of those plans that come and go. In other words, we’ll get to enjoy all the features of this package for many years to come.

No rental fee

Unlike the 11k/s plan where subscribers have to pay a daily rental fee of ₦5, on infinito, you don’t need to pay any daily rental fee to enjoy all the benefits associated with the plan.

Call rates

The call rate for infinito is 22 kobo per second to all networks in Nigeria.

Also you’ll be provided with the option to add 10 Glo numbers to your family and friends list. And after adding those numbers you’ll be billed at only 11k/sec for calls made to those numbers.

Note: Standard rates apply to bonuses.

SMS rates

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All messages sent to off-net and on-net numbers will be billed at ₦4/per message only; while messages sent to international numbers will be billed at ₦35 per message.

Now that you know all the benefits associated with infinito, find out…

How to migrate to Glo Infinito

Glo Infinito: Only 22k/sec

To migrate to infinito simply dial *100*9*2# and you can begin to enjoy all the perks associated with it. The cost of migration is zero, and as earlier noted, there are no rental fees.

However, if your last migration was done within the previous 30 days, then you have to pay a fee of ₦1000 to migrate to infinito.

Also, if you’re a postpaid customer then you are not permitted to migrate to infinito. You need to buy a new SIM if you’re really interested in getting the plan.

How to add or delete family and friends number on Glo Infinito

First of all make a list of the 10 Glo numbers you’re sure you’ll be calling frequently. Thereafter, dial *101*1*Mobile No# to add those numbers.

For instance, if one of the numbers you’ll be calling frequently is 08051234567, then dial *101*1*08051234567# to add that number to or family and friends’ list.

To delete a number from your list dial *101*3*Mobile No#.

Or, to modify a number in your list without deleting it dial *101*2*Existing F&F Mobile No*New F&F Mobile No#.

How to unsubscribe to Infinito

If peradventure you decide you no longer like the Infinito plan and want to change, all you have to do is dial the code of the new plan you wish to subscribe to.

Doing this is free; however, it may incur a cost of ₦100 if you did your last migration within the previous 30 days.

Now that you know everything about the Infinito prepaid package, you might want to see the latest data plan offers for new and existing Glo customers.

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