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Glo tariff plans & their migration codes in 2019

This article provides a list of all the Glo Tariff plans up for grab, including Prepaid plans, postpaid plans and promotional offers.

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Globacom Nigeria currently has several cheap postpaid and postpaid tariff plans in 2019. And in this guide, I’ll introduce you to all of them and the codes you can use in migrating to them.

When it comes to gifting customers with freebies, Globacom leads the way. Notwithstanding, you still need to keep track of trends to know the latest tariffs that are being added to the network. The reason is, almost every year we get to see new prepaid and postpaid tariff plans come and go, thus the need to always stay updated with the latest offers available. Whether you just bought a new Glo SIM card or you’re an existing customer.

Since you’re here, you’ll no longer be misinformed or uninformed.

Note: Some of the plans in this list include special offers from Globacoms that must be exploited while it lasts.

I’ll not just list all the tariff packages available now; I’ll also explain how each plan works, their call rates and how to migrate to each of them.

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You must take note, though, that every postpaid or prepaid tariff you decide to subscribe to comes with its perks; some are meant for data lovers, some for calls, and some balance both calls and data equally.

Without further ado…

Here the latest Glo prepaid tariff plans (personal) and their migrations codes:

Glo Yakata

Glo Yakata isn’t really a tariff plan but a special offer plan launched in 2018. I can tell you, without an atom of doubt, that it is by far the cheapest offer up for grab. With the Yakata plan, you get to enjoy 22 times the value of whatever recharge you make.

However, since the initial 6 months are actually promotional offers, we don’t know how things will turn out to be after the 6 months Glo promised that new subscribers will get to enjoy 22 times the value of their recharge.

But for now, here’s how it works: you get separate bonuses for making calls and surfing the internet whenever you make a recharge of ₦100 and above.

If you’re interested in migrating to Glo Yakata all you need to do is dial *220#, and you too can begin to enjoy this amazing offer while it lasts. Alternatively, buy a new Glo SIM card and it automatically becomes an Oga SIM and a Yakata subscriber.

Learn more: Glo Yakata migration code and benefits

Glo 11k/s prepaid plan

As the name implies, with the Glo 11K/sec prepaid tariff plan you get to enjoy a flat rate of 11 kobo charge per second of call you make to Glo numbers. Also, whenever you call people that don’t use Glo numbers, you’ll get charged 15Kobo/second. But before enjoying those benefits, you must have paid your daily access fee of just ₦5. A fair deal, isn’t it?

And not to forget, you’ll also get to call your loved ones living in 30 allowed international countries to for the same15Kobo/second rate at which you call all Glo networks. To migrate to Glo11Kobo/Second tariff plan dial *211#.

Continue reading: Glo 11k/s prepaid plan — benefits and call rates.

Glo Infinito prepaid tariff

Glo infinito is an awesome prepaid tariff plan that allows you to call all networks at a flat rate of 22Kobo/second. Furthermore, you’ll be provided with the alternative to add10 family & friends number who’ll be allowed to call for just 11 Kobo per second.

Needless to say, this plan is a good option for anyone who owns a business line and has to call numbers of people using another network. But, in my opinion, I’d say the11Kobo/second plan is cheaper than infinito. If you’re interested in migrating to Infinito dial *100*9*2#.

Read more: Glo infinito migration code and benefits

Glo G-BAM prepaid tariff plan

Glo G-BAM is one of the oldest tariff plans on the network, and it is very popular among old customers. Here’s how it works: You get to enjoy a call rate of 5 Kobo per second to 5 special Glo numbers. Also, you’ll receive a bonus of 5 MB every day with which you can surf the net or make downloads. Furthermore, you’ll get to enjoy a call rate of just 15 Kobo/second to all networks and an SMS rate of ₦4per message.

However, all the above-mentioned benefits will be enjoyed after you must have paid for your daily rental fee of just ₦5. To Migrate to G-BAM dial*100*5*1# and when asked for the confirmation press 1.

Glo Jollific8 prepaid tariff

Glo tariff plan: Jollific8 with 8 times the value of your recharge

Glo Jollific8 is a prepaid plan launched to give new customers 8 times the value of whatever recharge they make. The bonuses are separated on on-net calls, off-net calls, and data. Unfortunately, there’s no migration code to this plan for existing customers. If you wish to use this plan then you need to purchase a new Glo SIM card.

In summary, here’s what you get to enjoy with Glo Jollific8: ₦100 recharge gives you ₦800 credit bonus + 10MB data; ₦200recharge = ₦1600 credit bonus + 25MB data; ₦500 recharge = ₦4000 credit bonus +50MB data; ₦1000 recharge = ₦8000 credit bonus + 100MB data; and ₦5000 recharge= ₦40,000 credit bonus + 500MB data. As earlier noted, there’s no migration code to Glo jollific8; therefore, to enjoy all these amazing benefits you need to purchase a new Glo SIM.

Glo Bumpa tariff

Glo Bumpa is a prepaid tariff plan that comes with several mouth-watering bonuses and offers on calls and data. With the Bumpa plan, you get to enjoy 200% bonuses on every recharge you make. That is, you’ll get 3 times the value of whatever recharge you make.

In simple mathematics, if you recharge ₦100 you’ll get ₦200 bonus along with it. And your bonus can be used to call any network within Nigeria or surf the internet. The migration code for the Bumpa tariff is *100*10*1#.

Read also: Glo Bumpa tariff benefits and migration code.

Here the latest Glo postpaid tariff plans (business plans):

If you run a big business and you don’t intend to subscribe to the personal or prepaid plans above, then Glo has business (postpaid) plans that can accommodate whatever your needs may be. In the next few lines, I’ll be introducing you to all the corporate packages available on the Glo network.

Postpaid smart plans

Glo postpaid smart plans for smart people

Postpaid smart plans give you several sweet offers along with certain entry fees. Here are the different postpaid smart plans, entry fees, and what you get to enjoy from them:

Postpaid Smart 5000

As suggested by the name, the entry fee for postpaid 5000 is ₦5000 only. And when you’re subscribed to this plan, you’ll get to enjoy 5GB data to surf the internet, 5 hours of calls to all networks in Nigeria and zone 1 IDD calls. Zone 1 IDD calls include numbers within the following countries: USA, Canada, India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and UK landlines.

Postpaid smart 10,000

Postpaid smart 10,000 is another postpaid smart plan that allows you to pay ₦10,000 subscription fee in order to enjoy 10 hours of calls to all networks in Nigeria & zone 1 IDD calls.

Furthermore, you’ll receive 10GB data to surf the internet with, and a vanity number.

Postpaid smart 25,000

To subscribe to the postpaid smart 25,000 you need to pay an entry fee of ₦25,000 only. Thereafter, you’ll get to enjoy 25 hours of calls to all networks within Nigeria and zone 1IDD. Also, you’ll receive 25GB of data and a vanity number.

Postpaid smart 50,000

In similar fashion to other postpaid smart plans, you need to pay an entry fee of ₦50,000 to subscribe to postpaid smart 50,000; and forthwith you’ll get 50GB data, 50 hours of call to all networks in Nigeria & zone 1 IDD, and a vanity number.

See table below for other benefits of using postpaid smart plans:

Product Name Entry Cost Data Voice SMS Vanity number
Postpaid Smart 5000 N5000 5GB 5hrs of calls ( on-net, off-net and zone 1 IDD calls) 500 Nil
Postpaid Smart 10,000 N10,000 10GB 10hrs of calls ( on-net, off-net and zone 1 IDD calls) 1000 Available
Postpaid  Smart 25,000 N25,000 25GB 25hrs of calls ( on-net, off-net and zone 1 IDD calls) 2500 Available
Postpaid Smart 50,000 N50,000 50GB 50hrs of call ( on-net, off-net and zone 1 IDD calls) 5000 Available

There are no subscription codes to any of the above plans. All you have to do is visit any Glo office near you or contact Glo customer care using 200 and let them know you’re interested in subscribing to any of the plans above.

Glo infinitizer

Glo infinitizer is the craziest postpaid plan out there. As a matter of fact, after subscribing to Glo infinitizer you’ll begin to enjoy a call rate of 0k/s to all Glo customers in Nigeria; while calls to other networks will be billed at 15k/s. However, standard rates apply to calls made to international numbers. In addition to the cheap calls, you’ll also enjoy 1GB of data.

The monthly subscription fee for Glo infinitizer is ₦5000 only. To subscribe to Glo infinitizer, call customer care on 200 or visit any Glo outlets nationwide and let them know of your intentions.

Biz maximizer

Biz maximizer is a contract postpaid package that allows a company or organization to acquire and manage several Glo lines that will get to enjoy discounted rates on local and international calls. With the Biz maximizer, the monthly rental fee reduces with an increase in the number of connections or lines registered under that corporation.

In detail, corporations with less than 20 connections pay a monthly rental fee of ₦1,250; 21-50 connections attract a fee of ₦1,150, and if your company has 51+ connections you’ll have to pay ₦1000 monthly rental fee per connection. To learn more about biz maximizer, call customer care at 200 or visit any Glo office near you.

Biz optimizer

If you don’t spend much on calls on a monthly basis but would, nevertheless, love to enjoy the benefits of a contract package, then the biz optimizer was created just for you. This plan allows you to be billed either per minute or per second, depending on your preference.

To subscribe to Biz optimizer, individual customers will have to pay a security deposit of ₦6,000 and monthly rental of ₦1,250 while corporate customers will pay a security deposit of ₦5,000 and a monthly rental fee of ₦1,250. If you’re interested in the biz optimizer visit any Glo outlet near you.

Biz vantage

Biz vantage is another postpaid tariff plan that allows subscribers to enjoy discounted call rates of 50% to all calls between the closed user groups (CUG). The monthly rental fee to this package starts at ₦2,000 and reduces with an increase in the number of connections within the group. With this package, you’ll be charged at a rate of 20k/sec to calls made to other Glo numbers and 35k/sec for calls to other networks. Calls made to numbers within the group will be charged at 10k/sec.

This plan is ideal for SME and medium scale enterprises who are looking for an effective way to enhance communication among their workers or associates. For more inquiries on this package call 200 or visit any Glo office near you.

Toll-free service

If you run a big business and you’re looking to enhance your interaction with your customers then you need to set up a toll-free line for your office. And as expected, Glo has a package to meet your needs. With Glo-toll free, your customers or clients who use Glo lines can call you at zero cost and you’ll bear the cost of all the minutes spent on calls.

To subscribe for a toll-free line for the first time, you need to pay a security deposit of ₦5,000 and a monthly rental fee of ₦1,500 only. However, this is not something you can do with just a subscription code. You need to contact Glo customer care at any service point, call 200 or email Glo corporate sales team using [email protected] or [email protected]

That’s all for now!

I have provided you with a list of several prepaid and postpaid tariff plans available on the Glo network and what you get to enjoy by subscribing to any of them.

As you must have noticed, some tariff plans are a lot cheaper than others if you consider all the perks. Personally, I’d rather subscribe to some prepaid plans than others; I know you feel the same way too. 🙂

Have any questions regarding one or more of the Glo tariff plans listed above? Leave them in the comment section below.

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