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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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‘Go for test’ – Nigerians react as Senator removes facemask to sneeze into the air (Video)

Well, it appears every sneeze or cough is a symptom of coronavirus. At least, that is what several people think.

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A currently trending video shows the moment Senator Abdullahi Adamu representing Nasarawa West removed his facemask to sneeze into the air during plenary.

Senator Abdullahi Removed his facemask before sneezing into the air.

Several people criticized him for unhygienic behaviour while some called for a test on him.

“And he sneezed on the Senator in front of him,” Yetunde O wrote. “He doesn’t know why he’s wearing a face mask somehow!”

watch the video below:

See several other funny reactions:

Several politicians in Nigeria are currently in a tense situation after the Governor of Bauchi State and Buhari’s Chief of Staff both tested positive to the killer bug.

Currently, Nigeria has recorded 46 cases of coronavirus, of which Lagos and the FCT together command more than 70%.

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