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Hassan Jameel: Net worth, Age, Bio, & Relationship with Rihanna

Hassan Jameel is a Saudi Arabian billionaire, popularly known as the president of community Jameel, and for his relationship with multi-award winning Barbadian-American singer, Rihanna. In this article you’ll find out Hassan Jameel’s current net worth (according to Forbes), relationship status with Rihanna & Other interesting biography-related facts.

Hassan Jameel’s Age and brief history

Hassan Jameel’s exact date of birth is not known to the public; however, he was said to be aged 29 as of October 2018.

He was born in Saudi Arabia to the family of a successful entrepreneur, Abdul-Lateef Jameel..

His father was popularly known for setting up a hugely successful car dealership company, Abdul Lateef Jameel Company Ltd., in 1945. A company which has deep roots in Turkey, Saudi Arabia & several North-African countries

Along with his elder-brother, Mohammed Abdul-Latif Jameel, he was introduced at an early stage to the family business.

The family business, Abdul-Lateef Jameel Company Ltd. (ALJ), of which he is vice-president at, is single-handedly responsible for the distributorship of Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia; and is estimated to have sold over 65 million Toyota cars since its existence.

Similar to most wealthy Arabian folks, a vast majority of important details about him are hidden from public eyes. And as a result of that much details about his biography will be hard to put together except he one day decides to share some of those vital information with the public.

Hassan Jameel’s Net worth

Based on Forbes 2018 estimations, Hassan Jameel has a net worth of roughly $1.5 billion; a wealth he amassed from his dealings in the family business.

His net worth is expected to increase in the next couple of years as he is certain to one day inherit part of the multi-billion dollar family fortune.

Hassan Jameel’s relationship status with Rihanna & Others

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His relationship life became of public interest in the early parts of 2017 after he was confirmed to be in a sweet romantic relationship with popular American singer, Rihanna.

Prior to meeting Rihanna, Hassan Jameel secretly married Lina Lazaar, an esteemed member of the Art community, who was at some point listed among the top 10 most influential women in the Saudi Arabian art industry.

Also before meeting Rihanna, he was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with a much older American model, Naomi Campbell. But all those relationships were kept secret.

Sources close to The Sun made it clear that Hassan Jameel wasn’t the type of person interested in letting the public aware of details concerning his personal life.

The same sources, however, claimed he had a divorce before meeting Rihanna. In other words, Rihanna wasn’t responsible for the breakup of his marriage with Lina Lazaar.

Similarly, Rihanna has been involved in several relationships with fellow music artistes including Drake, Travis Scott, & Chris Brown; the latter lasted the longest among all of her relationships. But in her own case, the public was aware of several details about her relationships. Even the high-profile fight she had with Chris Brown that led to their separation.

Probably in an attempt to repeat previous trends, Hassan Jameel’s relationship with Rihanna was kept secret for a very long time. Meanwhile, the songstress often made it clear to the public that she was in a serious relationship. Nevertheless, everything became public in the middle parts of 2017 when the pair were pictured together in the pool of one of her rented luxury apartments kissing and cuddling affectionately.

Thereafter, sources close to The Sun shed further light on their relationship status by claiming that it was the real deal, and that the pair were totally in love with each other.

But in June the pair called it quits after having series of public altercations.


Sources close to Jameel revealed that Rihanna was responsible for the breakup of their relationship. They also claimed that he wanted more from the relationship; however, it turned out Rihanna didn’t want the same and that Rihanna left Jameel heartbroken after their split up.

Other involvements

The Latif family are popularly known for their involvements in philanthropic activities. In 2014, the queen of England named his brother, Mohamme, a Knight, for his efforts in philanthropy, making him one of the very first Saudi Arabians to receive such honors.

Similarly, Hassan Jameel has been involved in activities that are beneficial to the less privileged people within his country and beyond. Community Jameel, of which he is the chairman and president to, was set up to assist the less privileged.

His family members are also avid lovers and follower of sport, football particularly, and is directly involved in the Saudi Arabian football league, with a league named after their family company & father… Abdul Latif Jameel Prefessional League.

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