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9 Best Websites to Get Home Based Freelance Jobs in Nigeria (2019)

Are you interested in knowing the top websites to get genuine work from home jobs in Nigeria?

I have compiled a list of the 9 best freelance websites available in Nigeria this 2019.

It’s a lot easier to get Home based freelance jobs in Nigeria nowadays—thanks to the many global freelance sites now in existence.

You can get freelance writing jobs or any other freelance jobs online, work from home and get paid.

All you need to do is register for free with a freelance website that soothes your profession. This guide will help you understand the various freelance site and show how to register with them and begin to get freelance jobs.

Although there are several ways to make money online, freelancing happens to be one of the easiest ways.

And the good things is that you don’t have to pay anything to get started with freelancing.

You can begin to earn online as a freelancer right from the very day you create a freelance account with any of the top freelance sites.

Freelance platforms provide means to connect with millions of buyers hundreds of miles away from Nigeria.

This will increase your chances of earning more from what you do.

And the good thing is that you get to do everything hiding behind your computer screen, at the comfort of your own home.

home based freelance worker

Freelance sites have been around for quite a long time; still a lot of people in Nigeria have not gotten much acquaintance with that terminology.

If you don’t have prior knowledge about freelancing, then this article will help you understand what freelancing is all about.

Beginners’ guide to getting home based freelance jobs

Who is a freelancer or freelance worker?

As defined by Wikipedia: a freelancer or freelance worker is a term used in referring to a person who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer on a long-term run.

Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

What are Benefits of becoming a freelancer?

The benefits of becoming a freelancer are innumerable…

  • You are your own boss (you can choose the number of hours you want to work per day)
  • You don’t need to get stuck in that crazy and annoying traffic anymore since you can work from home.
  • Also, with the ever increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria, Freelance sites provide Nigerians with an easy way out.

How should you get started as freelancer?

If you have decided to become freelancer, then you need to carve out some time to study what freelancing is all about. Don’t jump into freelancing without equipping yourself with all the knowledge required to succeed as a home based freelance worker.

It’s advisable you keep your current job until you’ve completely adjusted into the freelancing setup; till you’ve started getting some jobs and making substantial income from the jobs you get online.

How do freelancers get paid?

The question you may be asking now is, how do I get paid as a freelance? That’s a good question—especially since PayPal has refused to let Nigerians receive money.

There are many payment options available to Nigerians. I recommend you open a Payoneer account. Almost all freelance sites pay Nigerians using Payoneer.

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While evolving into the life of a freelancer, it is better to keep your current job, study the market, weigh your options and know which one will be more favorable to you; whether becoming a freelancer, retaining your current job or better still, combining both.

9 Best websites available in Nigeria for getting home based jobs

The freelance sites I’ll be discussing here can accommodate both professionals and non-professionals.

In other words, even if you are inexperienced and uneducated but possess some sort of skills like typing, singing, dancing, etc., you can get jobs from them.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr homepage

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed.

Don’t get it confused…

You can easily make up to hundreds of dollars per day if you know exactly what you are doing.

There are several Fiverr alternatives on the web; however, it has remained most popular among Nigerians. A lot of Nigerians work from home on Fiverr and reach thousands of clients living in far away countries.

Fiverr’s services start at $5 which is the base price, and can easily go up to thousands of dollars with Gig Extras. The site is primarily used by freelancers who offer services to customers worldwide.

Currently, Fiverr lists more than 3 million services. The term gig is commonly used to refer to a service rendered.

Unlike other freelance companies—where buyers post jobs and freelancers bid to compete—on Fiverr, the freelancers are a bit in charge.

The freelancers list the services they render (gigs) and wait to be approached by potential buyers.

The reason I recommend Fiverr is that you don’t need to be a university graduate or render very professional services to make money there, you can easily render unique custom services under the fun & lifestyle category.

Below are some examples of services you can render on Fiverr.

  • Transcription services
  • Proofreading & Editing.
  • Designing of Ebook Covers.
  • Formatting of Ebooks for kindle, Createspace and Epub.
  • Writing of articles and contents for blogs and websites.
  • Virtual assistance.
  • Translation work
  • Graphics design (logo, greeting cards, etc.)

The subcategories of services rendered on Fiverr are so many and not limited to the ones listed above.

Visit Fiverr to see a whole lot of services you can choose from.

How do people get paid on Fiverr?

Payoneer and Fiverr are partner companies. This makes withdrawal with Payoneer very easy. If you create a Payoneer account and get the Payoneer MasterCard, that MasterCard will serve as your Fiverr revenue card. And with your fiverr revenue card, you can withdraw your funds from any ATM service point worldwide.

2. Freeeup

Freeeup: Meet and hire pre-vetted freelancers

Freeeup, founded in 2015, is a freelance platform that connects clients with remote workers who have undergone a rigorous pre-vetting process.

The platform is based in the United States and commands a large base of top-quality remote workers in several countries all over the world, including Nigeria.

Clients have grown increasingly fond of Freeeup—because the chances of hiring a good freelancer on the platform is 99.9%.

It’s completely free to register an account with Freeeup. And after you have undergone and passed the screening process, you’ll begin to get matched with clients looking for remote workers related to the services you render.

And you get to do all that working from the comfort of your own home! 🙂

How do you get paid on Freeeup?

Freeeup allows freelancers to withdraw their hard-earned money using PayPal or Payoneer.

Learn more about Freeeup using its FAQ page.

3. Upwork

Upwork homepage

Upwork is another platform to get work from home jobs in Nigeria. It is a global freelance marketplace where businesses and independent professionals are able to connect and collaborate remotely.

The website was former known as Elance-oDesk and was re-branded to Upwork in 2015.

Unlike Fiverr, Upwork is not so popular among Nigerians. That’s why I’ve decided to include it to my list to help those Nigerians willing to work from home in several freelance sites.

Upwork has over twelve million registered freelancers, and over five million registered clients. Over three million jobs are posted on yearly basis, with a worth totaling over $1 billion, making it one of the largest freelancer marketplace along with Fiverr.

On Upwork, you can render services that include: typing jobs, proofreading, graphics design, programming, video editing, etc. The good thing about Upwork is that you can charge clients on an hourly rate, which can potentially increase your revenue.

How do you get paid on upwork?

You can withdraw your funds from Upwork using any of their supported payment options. Which are: Payoneer, Direct to Local Bank, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, PayPal, and M-Pesa.

Also, PayPal is not available in Nigeria, which makes Payoneer the best alternative for Nigerian freelancers.

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4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour homepage

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelance website available worldwide for freelancers to get home based jobs or for clients to hire verified freelancers.

It is completely free to register and start selling on PPH. However, every applicant undergoes a quality-check before he is allowed to begin selling.

The quality check isn’t similar to the vetting process of Fiverr Pro or TopTal, so you don’t have anything to fear if you possess the required skill.

How do you get paid on PPH?

Once you’ve earned some money from completed jobs, you can withdraw your funds from your PPH wallet using any of the supported payment methods which include:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Payoneer MasterCard
  • Skrill

5. Freelancer

freelancer homepage

Freelancer is a global crowd sourcing marketplace, which allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete.

Freelancer creates a platform for employers and employees to be able to reach each other.

The site enables employers to post work for available freelancers while bidding on in a competitive tender process.

The advantages has over the rest is their very easy to navigate and user friendly interface, good chat plug ins; you are able to stay in touch with clients with ease.

Also, makes it easy for you to take skill tests so you can easily boost your portfolio and become a high-rated freelancer.

How do you get paid on freelancer?

You can easily withdraw your money from freelancer using any of their supported payment options, which are; Express Withdrawal, PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, and Freelancer Debit Card (a Payoneer MasterCard can be used here).

6. Guru

guru hompage is a freelance platform where independent professionals meet up with employers from all over the world. It offers a marketplace for freelancers to showcase their unique fields of expertise. freelancers can work as a group of individuals or just one individual rendering up to eight categories of services. An employer is able to carefully select the freelancer or guru who possesses the right sets of skills and abilities. provides businesses with a highly user-friendly interface. Businesses can search for freelancers or post a job and receive proposals straight from the homepage. is also available to all Nigerians who are willing to work from home.

How do you get paid on

Freelancers are able to withdraw their hard-earned money using any of their supported payment options, which are: direct bank deposit, PayPal, Prepaid MasterCard, and Wire transfer.

7. Toptal

Toptal homepage

Toptal as the name implies, is a freelance company dedicated only to recruiting the top talents from around the world.

Talented network of developers, designers, and financial experts from all over the world are welcome to sign up with Toptal, but must be ready to face stern competition as their application process is very challenging.

Similar to Freeeup, Toptal is one of the best platform for companies that want to hire the best talents from around the world. Their recruitment process involves screening out applicants till freelancers who make up 3% of the best talents in their fields are gotten.

Toptal makes it easy for employers to easily find the freelancers they are in search of; as their strict screening process has already ensured that only the most qualified candidates are selected.

Toptal also ensures that their freelancers are very fluent in English so they are able to understand and follow instructions given to them by companies and get jobs done effectively.

TopTal also allow Nigerians to register on the platform, provided you meet up with their requirements.

Requirements for getting approved by TopTal

  • You must be able to read, write, and speak English extremely well.
  • According to TopTal, you must be passionate about your fields of expertise, and be fully focused and engaged in any work you are assigned.
  • You must possess unique skills and abilities
  • You must possess all the technical knowledge in your fields of expertise to be able to pass the test.

Visit Toptal to see their full requirements.

8. iWriter

iWriter homepage

iWriter as the name implies, is a freelance platform set aside particularly for writers.

Nigerian writers can offer to write unique articles, blog posts, eBooks and any other form of content writing, depending on a buyer’s request.

How much money can you make on iWriter?

The amount of money you make on iWriter depends on the following: your overall writing points (rating), the number words in your article and your overall efficiency (how many articles you can write per day/week or month, etc.) Buyers can also decide to tip you if they are impressed by the article you have written.

How iWriter works

There are up to 4 skill levels for writers. The higher your level, the higher your pay. As a Basic writer, you can make up to $1.25 per 150 words and $14.00 per 2000 words. While as an Elite Plus writer, you get to earn up to $10.00 per 150 words of articles and $110.00 per 2000 words of article.

I recommend signing up with iWriter if you want to become a freelancer in the area of writing, because it is very easy to get integrated into iWriter if you possess exceptional writing abilities.

What to Expect as a new writer

As a new writer on iWriter, you must not expect to start making big bucks. You have to write up to 30 articles in the basic level, with a minimum of 4 star cumulative rating in order to be able to progress to the next level.

Hundreds of buyer’s requests are posted every day on iWriter, and there’s competition for the writing jobs. So you must be able to apply quickly to write for the buyer. The buyers will most likely pick you if you are able to convince them that you are a good writer, since new writers are by far the cheaper options. In other words, iWriter is more like a first come, first serve thing. If you are able to stick around and apply quickly to the writing jobs, the buyer will most likely start the interview with you.

Apply for the simple writing tasks, don’t feel like a pro writer just yet. After all, your sole aim in the early stages is to write enough articles so you can move up in level. When you get any writing job, you must seize that opportunity and deliver quality jobs, so you can move up in level and ultimately make more money.

How do you get paid on iWriter?

Writers are able to withdraw their funds weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on their request. All payments are made using the writer’s PayPal account.

9. 99designs

99designs homepage

Do you possess unique abilities in graphics design? Well, if you do, then 99designs is the platform for you.

Unlike other freelance companies that offer a wide range of services, 99designs as the name implies is setup particularly for creative work from home designers from countries all over the world.

It is the largest freelance graphic design website, with over 1 million freelancers who offer their unique creativity to entrepreneurs, companies and businesses who are in need of graphics designs.

99designs which was a product of a friendly competition between groups of designers was founded in 2008. According to 99designs, their freelancers have earned a total of $200M to date.

Services rendered on 99designs include; logo designs, business cards, app design, poster or T-shirt, etc.

If you have what it takes as a designer, no matter where you are located, you can sign up with 99designs and begin to showcase your unique abilities while also earning for yourself some money.

How 99designs Works

Freelancers are able to participate in design competitions, where they are able to showcase their unique abilities, win contests and get paid accordingly. Also, there are three 99designs levels based on designers experience, quality of works delivered, customer satisfaction, rating, and time spent on the platform.

The levels on 99designs are showcased in this form:

Entry level – made up of the new designers on 99designs, who are yet to prove themselves

Mid-level – they have a good grasp on design principles and a professional attitude. With a little more practice, they’ll make it to the next level

Top level – these are designers that have reached their peak in 99desings community and are highly rated. Their designs are of the highest quality, clients adore them and they’re dedicated to staying at the top of their game.

How do you get paid on 99designs?

After winning any design contest, you can get paid using PayPal or Payoneer as your payment option.

Now that you know some of the best freelance companies in the world, I am going to leave with with some of my quick tips to become a successful freelancer.

Quick tips to become a successful freelancer

Always develop yourself : The number of freelancers all over the world keeps increasing every year. So, if you want to remain competitive in the marketplace you have to keep developing yourself.

Improve your productivity: You can improve your productivity by keeping yourself updated with the latest tools and software that can help you get jobs done at a faster pace.

Develop strong relationships with your clients: In order to get the most out of your opportunities, you must develop good relationships with your buyers, address them politely.

Do quality jobs: seize every opportunities you get to make good impressions on buyers. If you do, they will seek to contact you first whenever they have another job.

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I have shared a list of some of the very best places to get genuine work from home jobs in Nigeria. I hope with my list you’re able to find a good one to register with.

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  1. EmmaMarch 5, 2019

    You’ve made a great work, thanks! I’ve been trying to work at Upwork (it seems the most popular in the web) but the charges have been killing me ;(
    Now I`m using and it seems promising. Wish you to check it

  2. ThelmaJuly 12, 2018

    Just as you rightly said, 7 best freelance sites! Of course there are over 100 international freelance sites but we just focus on the select few such as Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr, Guru etc. which are well-recognized. Well, there are a few other quality ones you forgot to mention like people per hour, freeeup etc.

    1. Matt StephensJuly 12, 2018

      Hi Thelma,

      Before now, I’ve thought of updating the list to include PeoplePerHour. But for Freeup, I thought of not including too many freelance sites like TopTal – that require a vetting process.

      Also, I felt like making it a brief list of the best in targeted fields: iWriter, for writers; 99designs, for designers.

      Nonetheless, I will see to it that PPH is included ASAP. Since I happen to love PPH too, and because you asked.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the contribution.


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