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How Much Linda Ikeji Makes Daily & Monthly (Blog And Other Brands)

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This article talks about Linda Ikeji’s income. After reading this, you should have an idea on how much Linda Ikeji makes from her blog, TV station and other businesses.

Without doubt, Linda Ikeji makes a lot of money from her blog. But the question now is: how much money does the Nigerian super blogger make from her blog daily and monthly.

We have done a thorough research and we’ll be providing the answers to those questions.

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Blogging is a lucrative endeavour. It is also not an easy one. As Linda herself explained in one of her motivational videos, she blogged for several months without making a dime. However, when she started climbing up, she climbed gallantly. 

Presently, a lot of people refer to Linda Ikeji as the richest Nigerian blogger. But that claim is baseless. There are many media platforms whose owners keep low-profiles, so it’s hard to say she’s the richest.

But I believe it’s safe to say she’s the most popular blogger in Nigeria.

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Enough of the long story; let’s get started with the reason you’re here.

How Linda Ikeji Makes money

Basically, Linda Ikeji’s number #1 source of income is her blog, lindaikejisblog.com but she has other businesses. Her TV station, Linda Ikeji TV is also another way she rakes in millions.

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Aside from her TV and her blog, she owns other businesses. Linda Ikeji Social is one of them. Those are, however, only digital assets.

Madam Linda doesn’t share details regarding her personal life on her blog, so no one knows of her offline businesses.

Apparently, her TV station depends mainly on ads.

But the big lion, her blog, makes money in three basic ways: Google ads, sponsored posts, and custom ads.

Everyone who’s familiar with the digital world knows about Google ads. Most bloggers leverage on AdSense, which is owned by Google, to serve as middle-man and broker ads on their behalf. So does Linda Ikeji.

The popular model-turned-blogger has a lot of Google served banners on her site. Through those banners, she rakes in million monthly.

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Based on the reports we’ve gathered, Linda Ikeji makes a whooping sum of money from sponsored posts.

As at the early parts of 2018, our sources told us she charged roughly 50,000 naira per sponsored post.

If you’re a keen follower of Linda Ikeji’s blog, then you must have noticed that she posts roughly 5-10 sponsored posts daily.

If we calculate on the high-side, then she makes 500,000 naira daily from just sponsored posts.

Custom ads

Linda Ikeji makes a lot of money from custom ads. Advertisers who do not want to compete on Adwords can approach Linda to negotiate for one of her ad spaces; however, it comes at a serious cost.

According to reports, lindaikejisblog.com is one of the most expensive sites in Nigeria to buy custom ad spaces. But it’s worth it.

I mean, her site reaches tens of millions of unique readers monthly. And you know what that means. There’s great value for money spent on advertising on her site.

How much Linda Ikeji makes daily

Putting her blog, TV station, and other digital brands into consideration, it’s safe to say she makes close to 2 million naira daily.

How much Linda Ikeji makes monthly?

If her daily income is roughly 2 million naira, then her monthly income should be within the range of 60 million. That is, 2 million * the 30 days in a month.

But she has to pay her workers, hosting fees, and many more other dues, so it’s hard to point out her exact net income.

Note: The above figures are based entirely on estimations; however, they shouldn’t be far off. Our estimates are based on our experience in the digital world.

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