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How to Unshare Data on Airtel: Remove Numbers From Data Sharing

Here you’ll discover how to unshare data on Airtel Nigeria. In other words, we’ll teach you how to remove numbers you no longer want to share your Airtel data with.

Without doubt, Airtel Data sharing is a highly welcome initiative. The concept of buying one plan and using with four other customers is a nice concept.

However, a time might come when you no longer want to share your data with a certain person or anybody.

All you need to do to achieve that is to send a simple message, which you’ll soon discover how to do.

For now, we don’t know the code for checking the numbers you’re sharing your data with.

So, in case you’re not sure which numbers are using your data, you need to call customer care on 121 to find out.

How to unshare Airtel data with any number:

  • To remove a number, send “Del [phone number]” to 121. For instance, if you want to unshare with 08012345678, then send “Del 08012345678” to 121.
  • Reply with 121 with “1” when you’re prompted to confirm your transaction.

After following the above steps, that number would be removed from your data sharing list.

You can repeat the above steps to remove as many numbers as you want.

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