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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Home Crime Watch 'I started robbery because it paid more' - Former painter reveals

‘I started robbery because it paid more’ – Former painter reveals

A former painter has been arrested for robbery in Lagos state.

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The 30-year-old Chinedu Obinma admitted that he chose crime because he wasn’t making as much money as a painter.

According to P.M.Express, the suspect was arrested by Police operatives from Ejigbo Division after he robbed a woman of her phone and transferred about N230, 000 to another bank account.

The man who hails from Anambra State moved to Lagos to pursue a career in painting. However, when things didn’t work out for him, he decided to venture into robbery.

According to the residents, Obinma didn’t make use of arms. Instead, he deployed tricks to steal people’s personal items and escape.

For instance, he gave a woman N1000 for N100 worth of drink. When the woman went to look for change, he stole her phone and gave it to his accomplice who quickly used the woman’s phone to transfer her money to another account.

When locals nabbed him, they almost lynched him if not for police officers who intervened and arrested him instead.

Meanwhile, police officers revealed he will be charged to Court after the conclusion of investigation.

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