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Home People & Profile Ini Edo: Family, Parents, Siblings, Children and Marital Status (Photos)

Ini Edo: Family, Parents, Siblings, Children and Marital Status (Photos)

Are you interested in knowing more about Ini Edo’s family background and marital status? Then you are in the right place, as this article promises to provide you with information on all that.

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In this publication, you’ll discover the names of Ini Edo’s siblings, parent, Ex-husband and Children (if any).

Family Background

Ini Edo, is from Akwa Ibom state in the south-south part of Nigeria. She is an Ibibio woman from Onna Local Government Area. In Onna, the natives are predominantly fishermen because of its proximity to the Atlantic ocean.

However, the actress didn’t grow up in Onna. According to several reports, she spent parts of her growing up days in Uyo (her place of birth) and Calabar.

Growing up, Ini was the most stubborn person in her family despite the strict upbringing. But the father was still able to keep a close eye on her to make sure she did not derail.

The beautiful actress, though very wealthy presently, was not born with a silver spoon. She had a difficult time growing up but she had a goal which she is obviously achieving now.

Ini Edo 4th (from left) along with her siblings and family friends
Ini Edo 4th (from left) along with her family friends. Photo credit @ Ini Edo Instagram

She had her humble beginnings and her own share of struggling to make ends meet while growing up, But from who she is today, we can say she has done very well for herself.

You cannot talk about Ini without mentioning her career. Although she had no intentions of joining the movie industry but you know, you never can tell the path life will take you.

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Ini Edo’s Parent:

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Ini’s mother was a school teacher and her father a church elder, which one could say resulted in the strict upbringing which she received while growing up.

Ini edo middle and her parents
Ini edo middle and her parents. Photo credit Instagram @ IniEdo

Ini Edo’s Siblings:

She is the second child in a family of six. The movie star has three siblings (two sisters; Ukeme and Ify, and a brother; Oti). However, she has an elder cousin whom she grew up with and fondly calls elder sister.

Ini Edo and younger bro, Oti Edo

Fake news and rumours are issues Nigeria is still battling with. One of such rumours is the one saying that Ini has a twin sister, a news that is entirely wrong.

 Ini Edo (left) and sister
Ini Edo (left) and sister. Photo credit: Ini Edo @ Instagram

Although the lady, Esther Urrah, looks pretty much like Ini Edo, they are not in any way related by blood

Ini’s Edo children

The Nigerian actress does not have any children (sons or daughters) that we know of.

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Marital status: Is Ini Edo married?

This beautiful actress, has not had a beautiful marital affair so far. She divorced her husband, Philip Ehiagwina, a US based business man whom she married in November, 2018.

Both of them officially got married in a church wedding held in Nigeria. In February of the following year, another wedding took place in Houston, Texas, where her husband resides.

But unfortunately, taking the vows twice did not help in salvaging the marriage as the former love birds got divorced in 2014, just six years after the wedding.

And Ini cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. Also saying that the distance between both of them did not help too.

But she said she is not regretting the divorce because she had learnt many lessons from it.

Although rumour has it that she had snatched the man from his former wife, Ruth Okoro, we don’t know how true that is.

For now, it is not known if the beautiful actress is in a relationship. But our ears are Definitely wide open to hear about any latest development as regards her relationship status.

And trust me, if there’s a new development, we’ll be the first to let you know because that is why we are here; to keep you updated.

Did you know?

  • She has acted over 150 movies after her first movie in 2003. And she has acted as the lead actress for over 60 movies
  • Do you know that Ini loves clubbing? Yeah, she does love to go clubbing and she is not scared to say it. Although she stated that she doesn’t go clubbing everyday but at least once a week, she goes clubbing.
  • She is also involved in charity work; Assisting the less privileged in the society.
  • She was a judge in the 2013 Miss Black Beauty Pageant in the UK.
  • Her favorite food is Rice and Spaghetti. And her favorite color is red.

Official Social Network Portal:

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