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Home Opinion Is John Abayomi Aruleba a fictional Character?

Is John Abayomi Aruleba a fictional Character?

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The name John Abayomi Arubele started making rounds on the internet after popular Nigerian Blog, LindaIkejisBlog, purported him to own Instablog9ja.

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However, the alleged owner has neither come out to confirm nor debunk those claims.

Meanwhile, we have decided to carry out an extensive search around the web to see if there’s anybody with an exact name as that. Indeed we went as far as checking the whois profile of Instablog9ja.com (the official website of the account).

But it turns out the supposed owner of an over-two-million-follower online platform has no online presence. There’s no Linkedin profile with that same name, no Facebook account, no Twitter account. In reality, though, seeing any account of such is no guarantee whatsoever, as it could as well be the handy work of an impostor.

Not that I am trying to discredit the efforts of LIB. However, for us to come to any conclusion, we need a confirmation from John Abayomi Aruleba himself in an interview that all but clears every form of doubt.

Therefore, we can’t help but ask: is John Abayomi Aruleba a fictional character or not? Or maybe he’s just trying to keep a low-profile since several people would be glad to have his head on a spike.

It is indeed surprising that the brain behind the genius platform is not available anywhere to take glory for his/her creation.

Geniuses must be celebrated not made to hide behind the screen; such has been the ordeal of the owner of Instablog9ja.

John Abayomi Aruleba, supposed owner of Instablog9ja
John Abayomi Aruleba is the purported owner of Instablog9ja | Photo credit: LindaIkejisblog.com

When Mr. John Abayomi, the Editor of Punch and Former online Editor of VanguardNgr was mistaken to be the owner, abuses started raining from several corners.

Indeed, several top Nigerian celebrities who clearly feel aggrieved by the activities of Instablog9ja called John Abayomi all sorts of names.

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