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See the Proposed JAMB 2020 Exam & Mock Exam Date

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We are getting ready for another exciting JAMB examination season; the JAMB 2020 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination is around the corner. As a result, we have decided to keep you updated with all the happenings as they unfold. In this article, you’ll find out JAMB mock and UTME examination date for 2020.

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is responsible for conducting entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

Basically, JAMB offers 2 exam types, which are UTME and DE. UTME stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination while DE stands for Direct Entry.

O’level holders are to register as UTME candidates, while ND holders (or equivalent qualifications) are to register as DE candidates.

In general, UTME candidates enrol into the universities and begin from year 1. DE candidates, on the other hand, can start from either 200 level or 300 level, depending on their qualifications.

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JAMB 2020 Examination date

The 2020 CBT EXAMINATION is proposed to commence from March 14 to April 4, 2020.

The venue of the examination will be communicated to each student upon the successful completion of their registration.

JAMB 2020 Mock Examination date

The date for MOCK examination shall be from February 18, 2020. There’s no set time for the conclusion of the mock exams for now; however, we expect it to conclude before the start of the exam proper on March 14th.

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The Board will conduct the mock examination in all the accredited CBT centres to prepare and familiarise all interested candidates with the CBT environment.

Basically, the Mock provides exactly the same interface and experience as the real CBT exam. So if you’re still confused about how the clicking and typing are going to be like, then the Mock exam should help you clear your doubts.

Registration for the Mock exam shall commence from January 13 to February 1, 2020.

Note that only candidates who registered for the mock shall be allowed to take part in the exam.

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IMPORTANT: Points to note

  • Non-JAMB CBT Centres are allowed to collect, through their bank accounts, a separate ₦700 only, for mock exercise from only interested candidate(s) after notification of centre has been received by the candidate(s).
  • The payment for mock examination by the candidate shall be made to the centre to which the candidate is assigned after the notification of assigned centres for the mock examination. No Association or body is permitted to run any mock examination on behalf of JAMB.
  • Do not pay for Mock until JAMB assigns you a CBT Centre. No one should patronise fraudsters. Only JAMB accredited CBT Centres can conduct Valid ID registration and serve as examination centres.
  • Candidates should note that they are required to be present and take live photograph which will be embossed on their result slips and admission letters. No scanned/stapled passport photograph is allowed
  • Candidates are to note that irrespective of their choice of course of study, they will also be tested on a general text: Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi for UTME and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A.H. Mohammed for Direct Entry Candidates.
  • Candidates/Officials would not be allowed to enter into the examination centre with earphones, wristwatches, mobile phones, electronic devices, or any pen/biro. Only pencil is allowed
  • Candidates are warned that the Board does not require nor authorise the services of ANY cyber cafe or establishment other than the accredited CBT centres for this exercise

Content credit:

To ensure accuracy, we gathered a huge part of this resource from the official JAMB registration PDF guide.

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