John Obi Mikel's weekly salary in China

John Obi Mikel’s Weekly Salary in China (Naira & Dollars)

In our list on the top 10 richest Nigerian football players, we made mention of John Obi Mikel being the richest player in Nigeria. In this article you’ll get to know more about John Obi Mikel’s present salary in China; how much he earns per week, per month & per year in Naira, Dollars and pounds, using current exchange rates.

In the latter parts of 2016 John Obi Mikel, who was once an indispensable player at the heart of the Chelsea midfield, fell behind Matic in the pecking order and as a result had to move the Chinese Super League.

But this was far from a huge failure on his path; he got a better deal than what his was previously earning at Chelsea. In addition to that, he is and will remain the most successful and most decorate Nigerian footballer for a very long time.

He is a bit past his prime and has lost a few yards of pace; nevertheless, he still possess the astuteness to boss the midfield, like he displayed in the 2018 FIFA world cup.

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John Obi Mikel’s salary in China


Mikel currently plays for Chinese outfit, Tianjin TEDA FC and they pay him a whooping £140,000 per week, which has an equivalence of 66.7 million in naira and $183,000.


Judging by Mikel Obi’s weekly salary, he’ll go home with roughly £560,000 per month, which has an equivalence of ₦267 million or $734,000.


Using simple mathematics, his monthly salary multiplied by the 12 months in a calendar year gives you £7.2 million, which has an equivalence of $9.4 million or ₦3.4 billion.

John Obi Mikel’s Salary after paying tax

A person’s tax is calculated based on his assets and annual income. It is difficult to state categorically what Mikel’s salary after paying tax is.

If it were in England he’d have to so much tax from his earning; but as for China, it’s hard to say exactly how they calculate tax.

One thing is certain, though; the taxation system in China is friendlier than that of England, so expect him to bank close to what he earns.

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