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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Kidwdwaya says people are trying to force a relationship on himself and Erica (video)

Kiddwaya has come out to reiterate that he isn’t in a relationship with Erica. Offering an interview following his eviction from the Big Brother Naija lockdown house, Kiddwdaya claimed people always try to group people into a relationship.

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After first declaring his admiration for Erica, Kiddwaya added saying “Erica will be conquering her world while I conquer mine.”

He then added saying, Erica is focusing on herself while he’ll keep doing his thing.

“People are always going to try and group us together!

“In this country, we like to attach a woman to a man,” those were his exact words.

Watch the video below:

This is coming following a mass hysteria from a section of Big Brother Naija fans, who keep rooting for a relationship.

Some people have been talking about a possible wedding between the duo. However, NaijaHomeBased gave several realsons fans shouldn’t keep their hopes too high.

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