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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Kissing P-Square goodbye: The sad reason we may never see them together again

For many years, Peter and Paul, AKA P-Square, thrilled Nigerians and the world at large with their breathtaking songs and dance steps. Unfortunately, those days are gone as we may never get to see them perform together again.

Peter and Paul did everything together in the past. Image (c): Licencors.
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The love and bond that existed between the duo who happen to be twin brothers were for many years envied by many.

At first, they dressed in identical ways and had identical haircuts, making it incredibly hard to differentiate between them.

Many people struggled to differentiate between the duo at first. Image (c): Licencors.

But as they continued to age, their differences physically and in temperament started becoming more evident.

As many people got to realize, one is a better singer while the other is a better dancer and has the type of swag and physique that keeps the lady tripping. Without having to mention names, I’m sure you can place the faces where they belong.

We loved them, nonetheless. Well, together, if I must admit.

As a huge fan, from the days of “Senorita”, “Omoge mi”, “Temptation”, etc., it hurts to know the duo may never sing together again.

Why we may not see P-Square again

Besides the strong bond that most times exist between twins, their older brother, Jude Okoye, was also one of the binding factors.

Jude was their manager, producer and kept them together all those years.

Jude Okoye was one of the biding factors before. Image (c): Licencors.

Sadly, he is now the dividing factor, as it became clear in a recent interview he had with Tunde Ednut.

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Jude clearly has a feud with Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo-Okoye. And as Peter has repeatedly made clear, he’ll not trade his wife’s and nuclear family’s happiness to please his brothers.

Kissing P-Square goodbye

Rudeboy, Mr P and Jude Okoye have repeatedly told us to move on because they all have. But, somehow, we managed to keep some shreds of hopes alive.

Rudeboy doing just fine now. Image (c) Licencors.
Mr P is also thriving on his own. Image (c) Licencors.

However, it has now become obvious that it will take a miracle to bring the duo back togethers.

All we can do now is support both of their projects instead of liking one and hating the other.

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