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Kkvsh – All You Need to Know About The Popular Social Media Influencer

Kkvsh has become one of the biggest influencers on social media. Her posts reach millions of fans every day. Therefore, it is no surprise then that many people want to know more about her. What country she’s from, her biography, real name, family, net worth, and a host of other questions.

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First of all, for those of you asking how her name is pronounced. It is pronounced Kay-Kay-Vee-Es-Haytch. That is, all of the alphabets are called separately.

Kkvsh wearing a black top and ash pants.
KKVSH rocking a black top and ash pants. (c) Kkvsh/Instagram.

Kkvsh Biography

The popular social media personality, whose real name is Mikayla Saravia, was born on 29th October 1997 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

She, however, later moved to Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides.

The 24-year-old social media influencer has a younger sister whom she fondly talks about.

She is an American and of El Salvadorian descent.

How she became popular

Kkvsh first became popular after videos of her gigantic tongues started making the rounds on TikTok, Instagram, and the entire social space.

Kkvsh shows off her gigantic tongue.
Kkvsh shows off her gigantic tongue. (c) Kkvsh/Instagram

She started sticking out her tongue when she was just 5 years old and would stick it all the way out and stretch to her nose.

She says her tongue is 6.5 inch-ish long and completely natural. To put it differently, she has not had any surgery to enhance the length of her tongue.

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Right now, Kkvsh is one of the biggest celebrities on Instagram. She boasts over eight million Instagram followers and over 100 thousand YouTube subscribers.

Many people now refer to her as the girl with the tongue, due to her trademark big tongue that she’s never too shy to stick out.

Does Kkvsh have a boyfriend?

She has had some boyfriends in the past, whose identities she didn’t reveal. However, she doesn’t make it clear if she is currently into any relationship, as she has never posted any pictures of her boyfriend.

Is Kkvsh Lesbian, bisexual or straight?

Kkvsh is bisexual. In other words, she has had relationships with both men and women.

She revealed this during an interview with No Jumper back in 2018.

Kkvsh OnlyFans

The popular social media personality has an OnlyFans account where she shares some photos that are too raunchy for Instagram. She charges $29.99 for her premium content.

You can connect with her using onlyfans.com/kkvsh.

Plastic surgeries

Has Kkvsh had plastic or cosmetic surgeries? Is her banging body natural? Well, according to an interview she had in June 2019, she was 100% natural.

But she also revealed that she would consider having her body done in the future. Meanwhile, it is not clear if she has done that as of 2021.

Kkvsh family

Her family members up to her grannies all reside in the United States. She appears to share a close relationship with her parents, as she fondly talks about them all the time.

The popular Instagram model has only talked about one sibling; her younger sister.

She says her family comes first – before anything else.

Ten quick facts about Kkvsh

  1. Kkvsh is a famous American social media star, Internet personality and Instagram star who became popular in 2017 because of her tongue size.
  2. Her real name is Mikayla Saravia.
  3. She born on October 29, 1997, in Palm Beach, Florida, United States.
  4. Her folks are orignally from El Salvador, a country in Central America.
  5. Her birth sign is Scorpio.
  6. She has a younger sister whom she talks about fondly.
  7. She boasts thousands of followers on popular social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms.
  8. The model has had her Instagram account disabled a few times in the past after sharing over-revealing posts, violating the platform’s policy.
  9. She currently resides in Los Angeles Carlifornia, but still spends some time in Miami, Florida.
  10. Kkvsh has never featured in an adult movie and does not consider herself featuring in the future.

Here’s all you need to know about Kkvsh in summary:

Real NameMikayla Saravia
BirthdayOctober 29, 1997 (age: 24)
Sexual orientationBisexual
ProfessionSocial Media Personality/Brand Influencer
Married StatusSingle

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