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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Lady, 19, sleeps with 10 men during initiation so she can join Marine Girls Cult

A young lady identified as Blessing David, 19, who is a member of Marine Girls cult group in Edo State, has revealed that she slept with ten men as part of the initiation process.

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No fewer than 10 men slept with a 19-year-old girl during an initiation ceremony to join the Marine Girls.

Blessing David who was initiated into the cult group in 2019, also disclosed that sleeping with men was part of the initiation rituals.

Speaking on Thursday at the Edo police headquarters while being paraded by Commissioner of Police, Babatunde Kokumo she said it was part of the initiation rite.

She was among the paraded 15 armed robbery suspects, six cultists, three kidnappers and four murder suspects.

The cultists paraded were three teenage girls, who were said to be members of the Marine Girls.

Blessing told newmen that she was initiated into the group in 2019.

“My name is Blessing David. I was initiated into the cult last year. I slept with 10 men as part of the initiation process,” she said.

Moreover, another 16-year-old girl, Ada Emeka, said she also slept with 10 men as part of the initiation rites.

According to the CP, two suspected armed robbers were killed by operatives of the command in the early hours of Thursday.

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The CP said, “An eight-man robbery gang, who operated at the Amagba area of Benin City, robbed 13 houses, injuring victims with machetes and other weapons during the operation that started around 12 am on Thursday and lasted till 3 am.

The police engaged them in a gun duel and in the process, two of them were killed,” Kokumo stated.

Speaking about the incident, one of the victims who identified himself as Eghosa, said he was sleeping with his wife in the bedroom when he suddenly saw torch lights pointing at them.

He said, “The robbers removed the window and used blocks to hit the door protector repeatedly before it gave way.

They entered our room, collected the money available, injured my mother and my newborn baby with machetes, and smashed my wife’s iPhone on the wall when it was obvious that they could not make use of the phone.

“When they left my place, they robbed about 13 other houses before people called the vigilante group and the police.

When the police came, they started exchanging gunfire with the robbers. Two of them were killed and one was arrested. This one was the one who smashed my wife’s iPhone,” he said.

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