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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Lady narrates how a man ditched her because she didn’t pay the bills on their date

According to a young Nigerian lady, she went out on a date with a man who got angry and left because she didn’t pay for what they ordered.

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In the post titled “men will embarrass you!” Coco the Lagos baker revealed that it was her first date with the man; however, things got sour before anything could even start between them.

Coco shares story of her first date with a man which went sour. Credit: @Coco_Lagos

Men will embarrass you!,” Coco said “Here’s a thread of how my date went today.
So I meet this guy through my cousin and he asked me on a date, the date which was today was my first time ever seeing him.

“I never get all dressed up for anything but for some reason, I did makeup and wore heels today, got all dressed up for nothing!! The guy came to pick me up from my house and took me a nice restaurant he had been ranting about.

She continued, “So we were talking while waiting for our order, that’s how this shameless 34 year old said that “I hope you know the bills are on you?” I just laughed it off thinking it was a joke cause he asked me on a date not the other way around

Meanwhile, she had it in mind to order for whatever she could pay for. However, the man on, the other hand, ordered expensive drinks. In the end, their bill was 33,500 naira. Out of the total bill, hers was just 10,200, which according to her, she paid for after noticing the man wasn’t ready to settle their bills.

She continued, “So we finished eating and the waiter came to clear our table and give us the bill (I had in mind to split it as I always offer) So I took the receipt and asked the waiter to bring the pos, me expecting the guy to also bring out his card as I had already put mine on the table

“Uncle was just there pressing phone, the bill was N33,500 My food cost N10,200 according to the bill, as I saw that the guy wasn’t even minding me and the waiter, I just pointed out with my finger the things on the list that I ate to the waiter and paid for my own food

“And that was where the drama started I told him that he can’t expect me to pay for lunch that he offered to buy me cause it wasn’t in my budget, uncle now started with he forgot his atm card in the car.

Eventually, the demanded transfer from a friend which he used to settle the bill. Clearly, the young man had no money to pay for the bill from her narrative.

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In the end, the man told her to find her way home and subsequently drove off angrily.

“But that’s not my business, obviously, I was still expecting him to drop me back at home cause he came to pick me, we walked outside to the parking lot, got into the car, uncle started the car and asked me to come down and the drove off,” Coco added.

See the full thread below:

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