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Monday, July 4, 2022
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HomeNewsLagos Gov Sanwo-Olu Visits Injured Lekki Toll Gate Protesters in Hospital

Lagos Gov Sanwo-Olu Visits Injured Lekki Toll Gate Protesters in Hospital

The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has visited the youths who got injured at the Lekki Toll Gate shootings on Tuesday evening.

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The governor who has been widely criticized for his alleged involvement in the unfortunate incident appeared to deflect the blame.

“This is the toughest night of our lives as forces beyond our direct control have moved to make dark notes in our history, but we will face it and come out stronger,” he wrote.

“I’ve just concluded visits to hospitals with victims of this unfortunate shooting incident at Lekki.

“It has taken me this long to make a statement because I have to prioritize the welfare of the victims of this very sad incident.

“There are currently 10 patients at the Gen Hospital, 11 at Reddington and 4 at Vedic; with mild to moderate levels of injuries while 2 are receiving intensive medical care.

“3 patients have been discharged & we will continue to monitor and ensure all patients get the best care.

“As the Governor of our state, I recognize the buck stops at my table and I will work with the FG to get to the root of this unfortunate incident and stabilise all security operations to protect the lives of our residents. I will give a state broadcast in the morning.”

Meanwhile, the exact number of casualties is not certain, as the figure at currently all over the place.

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