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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Gossip Metro Videos: Lagosians loot warehouse hoarding undistributed COVID-19 palliatives

Videos: Lagosians loot warehouse hoarding undistributed COVID-19 palliatives

A warehouse in the Maza-Maza area of Lagos State has been invaded and COVID-19 Palliatives carted away.

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Gunshots have reportedly been fired at the warehouse in Monkey Village as villagers broke into and carted away COVID-19 palliatives.

According to reports, the sacs have the inscription, “Lagos state government COVID-19” on it. 

Recall that during the lockdown that was imposed by the COVID-19, many state governments started the sharing of palliatives to its people.

Many governors revealed that their states have spent several billions of naira in providing health care and palliatives needed for their state to pass through that phase.

Lagos government is one of the government who revealed that the state has spent so much on palliatives.

Apparently, the palliatives were hoarded in some warehouse instead of it to be distributed among citizens.

According to reports, hoodlums attacked the warehouse and were carting away with the foodstuffs and soon the whole citizens in the vicinity became part of the ‘food heist’.

In the video, people were seen carting away with foodstuff. Watch some videos below:

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