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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Man hooks Public Address system to his bike to sensitize residents on coronavirus

A Kenyan man has gone the extra mile in sensitizing his fellow Kenyans on the coronavirus.

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The man identified as Polycarp Wafula voluntarily lent his voice and his bike to talk against the spread of the coronavirus in Bungoma.

The middle-aged man hails from Bungoma turned his motorbike into a moving billboard, supplemented with a public address system.

On a daily basis, the man takes to the street often stopping at different corners to sensitize the people.

Speaking in their dialect, he said, “Coronavirus inapatikana sana kwa mikono wakati mtu anapiga chafya, ndio maana serikali imepiga marufuku mikutano.

(please wash your hands because it is the main way in which the virus is spreading),” He says

On the front of the bike are two placards on quick facts about the coronavirus and how it is spread from person to person.

“Please make sure if you have a shop, at the entrance have a jerry can of water and soap so that your customers can wash their hands,” He says.

Wafula also advised parents against purchasing shareable toys such as whistles and balloons for their children.

He noted that toys such as balloons and whistles will spread the virus from one child to the other when they are swapped.

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